The beard is Gone!!!!!!!!!!  

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10/14/2005 10:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The beard is Gone!!!!!!!!!!

I shaved my beard off. GHASP !!!!!!!
I have had my beard for over a decade, most of my friends have never seen me with a nude lip and some of my family members don’t even remember seeing me without one.

At work I keep shocking people and getting double takes.

Some of the comments I got were the following...

-"Wow, you look young."
(Hmmm back to my early twenties I guess!)

-"Hey did you get a haircut?"
(A hair cut!!!!! Ladies; are you surprised if I tell you that it's a guy who said this?)

-"Ohhh you look weird, why did you shave?"
(Guess this person did not like the change!)

-"Hey you finally shaved it off, I like it, I'm serious I really do!"
(She was my boss till I was promoted to my current department, she never stayed in my office as long simply to chatter and giggle at my antics.
This time the antic was the preparation for M&M vs Smartie skirmishes so I could follow up on my previous M&M post)

-"You look kissable"
(Woohooo, another positive point. Too bad it was from a guy )

-"I like it, you look good"
(Wohw an other good point... woot)

The only problem is that my lips and chin have benefited so long from the protection offered by my facial hair that although a slight breeze on my face feels sensual and feeling a lady’s cheek or lips feels like the softest silk. The skin gets easily irritated by rough things like wool or linen.

Now my current decision to go with is to shave or let it grow.


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