Sex Related Myths - Males  

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Sex Related Myths - Males

Black men have naturally larger penises than white men:

This couldn't be further from the truth. Based on a number of surveys (most notably Masters and Johnson), of thousands of men of many different races, white males actually have the largest penises. White males averaged an erect penis length of 6.4" while black males averaged 6.2". Hispanic men averaged 6.0" and finally east Asian men bring up the rear with a meager 5.6" (Did you catch that pun?). Erect penis lengths are taken by measuring from the TOP of the penis, where it joins the body, to the tip of the head.

Men are always ready for sex, are instantly aroused and have great stamina:

While men may be said to constantly think about sex, they are hardly "ready upon demand." There may be a number of reasons why a man is unwilling or unable to have sex. Viagra comes to mind.

Men and women differ in many ways, both chemically and sexually, obviously. Their responses to sexual stimuli will vary greatly based on numerous factors.

Men have a higher sex drive, and therefore will be aroused more, lust more and need more:

Many renowned studies show that men and women share sex drives of equal or nearly-equal intensity. I would have thought women actually had higher drives- anyone who has ever observed a female in a high state of sexual arousal would probably agree!

Having a male withdraw his penis from a female's vagina before he ejaculates (coitus interruptus) is a good way to prevent pregnancy.

Withdrawal is not an effective way to prevent pregnancy. Even before ejaculation, the penis leaks semen that can contain thousands of sperm that can cause pregnancy. Withdrawing after any amount of unprotected intercourse carries the same risk of pregnancy. For more information please see our Contraception section.

A large penis is important for sexual enjoyment:

Penis size does not determine the sexual enjoyment of either a male or his sexual partner in most cases. Like men, women come in many shapes and sizes. Ultimately the satisfaction and enjoyment a woman derives from sexual activity will result from the total intimate experience rather than just the size of her man's dick. It should be noted that some women do prefer large penises. While this usually has nothing to with a belief that men with bigger penises have a larger capacity to sexually satisfy, it could mean they have larger vaginas that are better accomodated by a larger penis or maybe they just plain prefer big dicks. Naturally there may be some physical incompatibilities, but with time, communication, and effort these couples can learn to enjoy their experiences if they truly love one another.

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