Sex Relate Myths - Females  

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Sex Relate Myths - Females

A woman with no hymen or a broken hymen is not a virgin:

The hymen has historically been a marker of a woman's virginity. The belief that since the hymen blocked the vaginal opening, it should remain intact as long as a woman did not have sexual intercourse, was widely propagated especially in cultures where a woman's virginity was highly valued. If an unmarried woman's hymen was found to be separated, grave consequences could result, depending on each culture's customs, and included public humiliation, torture, and sometimes death.

However, the non-existence of a hymen or a broken hymen does not necessarily indicate that the woman isn't a virgin. A hymen cannot prove that a woman has had sexual intercourse, nor can it prove her virginity. While most women are born with a hymen, some are not. It can also be broken or torn during events completely unrelated to sexual intercourse: athletic or other strenuous activity, insertion of a tampon, masturbation, or for no apparent reason at all.

If a woman cannot have an orgasm, there is something wrong with her:

The inability to have an orgasm is the number one sexual complaint among women in their twenties. It's common for a number of reasons. First, in order to have an orgasm, a woman has to be familiar with her body and her sexual response, and many women are not. Secondly, women may feel guilty about enjoying sex, tense about the experience of sex, or fearful of the loss of control an orgasm may bring. The good news is that most women can be taught (or can learn, through exploration and experience) to have orgasms. However, it is believed that female orgasm has been an adapted genetic ability that has been evolving for thousands of years, and some scientists insist that it is still evolving and thus not all women may be physically capable of orgasm. If this is true, exploring other sexually satisfying avenues may be necessary, however it doesn't mean at all that anything may be wrong with the woman at all.

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