Kissing, Further into The Art  

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Kissing, Further into The Art

Your lips are made up of the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your entire body ‒ and stimulating them is a sumptuous shortcut to a state of intense arousal.
Kissing is one of the most enjoyable and effective methods of foreplay. There's even an ancient Indian theory that the upper lip is connected to the clitoris. Just remember to have a clean mouth… brush your teeth, floss, use mouthwash and if you smoke and your partner doesn’t remember that you risk leaving a nasty long-lasting taste in his or her mouth so try to avoid smoking after brushing and prior to kissing.
Why this mini series on kissing? ‒ Well, think back to the thrill of your early sexual experiences when you'd spend hours necking as a teen… remember the thrill, remember the intensity!.
That excitement is easy to recapture. Do it in places other than bed ‒ while you're waiting for the bus on the way to work in the morning, on the way home from movies, or in the kitchen while you're doing the washing up. Kiss, don’t be shy, you can do it in public, so rediscover the pleasure it can bring.
Now I know I already gave a quick guide to different kissing techniques but lets go a little deeper!
• Don't just kiss with your lips, use your with your finger, lightly trace the outline of your partner's lips from top to bottom. Gently hold his or her lower lip between your finger and thumb, then take it into your own mouth and suck it ‒ men, in particular, love this kiss because their skin here is a bit thicker and can take rougher treatment than female skin. It's also hugely sexy to find a woman confident enough to pull a man towards her in such a gesture of raw desire. Ladies… time to lead

• Put your fingers in your partner's mouth and let him suck on them. It's not surprising how sexy this can feel, considering that it mimics the movements of sex itself ‒ a hard part of the body being snugly enclosed in a warm, wet, loving space.

• Don't be scared to breathe in each other's breath. Make an airtight seal with your own and your lover's lips, then inhale deeply but don’t overdo it, your partner is not a scuba tank.

• Kiss each other's ears, some people don't find the tongue/ear interface erotic, but those who do are wild for this wet, noisy, sexy kiss! Start with the ear lobe first ‒ cover your teeth with your lips and gently pull it. If you get a positive reaction, swirl your tongue all over your lover's ear, inside and out. If not, do a vampire kiss, working your way down the neck with a series of sexy little nips and sucking lightly on your lover's skin.

• Just grazing each other's lips is very intimate and teasing. Simply tilt your heads from side to side and let your breath mingle. Lick your partner's lips slowly, with the very tip of your tongue, then blow on them, creating different sensations between warm and cool; this makes already sensitive lips the most tingly zone in the body. Sigh while you're there, showing you're aroused, but don't really let any words out. Because this kiss is only a taste of what's to come, it'll make you both hungry for more!

• The endorphins that you release when you're aroused actually block pain receptors, so be bold ‒ bite and snap at each other when you're kissing during foreplay. Men especially say they prefer a slightly aggressive touch when they're kissing as a prelude to sex.

• You can kiss with body parts other than your lips. Take a tip from the Eskimos and nuzzle each other's noses. Rub from side to side, up and down and use the tip of your nose to caress your lover all over his or her scalp, face and neck. Inhale deeply as you kiss, showing your partner you're so aroused that you just want to breathe in every inch of his skin.

• Eyelash kisses are soft, subtle, and intimate ‒ just flutter your eyelashes against your lover's skin. This is a lovely way to wake your partner up for an early-morning lovemaking session or between sessions while you are holding, while you are slightly licking the neck of your partner with the tip of your tongue… tasting the salt.

• Treat the areas your partner likes you to stroke and caress to a long, lingering kiss. If your dry hands can give pleasure, think what your moist lips and tongue will be able to achieve don’t be shy about giving slight kisses as you massage your partner, kiss, lick, suck every inch of your lover’s body.

• Take your partner's upper lip between yours while he does the same to you with your lower lip, creating a kind of lip-layered sandwich. Alternate soft nuzzling with tender sucking. This draws more blood to the lips, making them extra-sensitive.

• Have a cup of tea and alternate it with an ice cube for an interesting twist. Avoid coffee, which can be quite an overpowering smell (unless you're both drinking it). • Kiss each other all over, not just on the lips. One of the best ways to discover new erogenous zones on each other is to kiss every centimetre of your lover's body ‒ you never know what effect you might have!

• Wet your lips with a spirit or liqueur like whisky or an other drink like sambuca, and challenge your partner to guess what it is.

• Try lots of little, dry kisses all over her face and any other part of the body you can access.

• Lead with your tongue, placing it on your partner's lower lip and drawing the rest of the mouth in towards you. Wiggle your tongues quickly in each other's mouths and have little sword fights when you're in there. This kiss can be quite aggressively sexy.

• Tickle the roof of your partner's mouth ‒ this is an intensely erotic, intimate kiss that says: "I want every inch of you."

• Use each other's mouths to recreate the motions of sex, with lots of thrusting ‒ it can be especially stimulating if the woman's the one doing the thrusting, as this reverses the roles of intercourse. She inserts her tongue between his loosely closed lips and slides it in and out. To enjoy this technique to its best effect, try it when you're actually in the missionary position.

• If you moan while you're French kissing, your voice creates a vibration that will be felt all over your partner's body like an electric current. It's subtle, so it will probably be a subconscious feeling ‒ which is great!

Hmmmm who’s up for a kiss?

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