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7/24/2005 8:21 am

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Dance the night away - tip for the week-end left footer-

So you want to go out, dance the night away and meet people but you don’t know how to dance!
This is quite a dilemma but it is not overcommable.
Obviously one thing that you will want to do is learn how to dance and for this there are multiple methods.
You could buy DVDs, buy books, mimic people at the club, ask a friend to help or go take a dancing lesson.
Some of these options are just simply lame and others just don’t work that well.
So what method should you try?
I guess that the method is your own choice and must fit with your style but if I were to recommend one over another, there are 2 that I prefer:

First asking a friend is good and helps to tighten a bond and assures that you have some to go dance with.
But my favorite method is simply taking dance lessons...
Why dance lessons?
Well there are many many styles to choose from, myself I prefer Salsa, by taking a dance lesson you get to meet new people, you get to learn a precise style, you will know many people to go dancing with when you go to the clubs and will probably end up having a steady dance partner.

So go out there and DANCE!

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