Dance the night away 2 - Tip for the true leftfooter-  

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7/24/2005 8:35 am

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Dance the night away 2 - Tip for the true leftfooter-

Now what if you truly have 2 left feet but still truly want to dance, to follow that relentless tempo that beats deep in your chest like a Congolese drummer.
What options do you have?
Well the matter is not too grave, you could try taking multiple classes at a dance hall until you beat the tempo into your feet or an other option would be to go take a cardio class at a gym... the idea is to get used to moving with the beat and to coordinate your movements.
By taking classes at a dance hall you will be making sure that you learn the right steps while you learn to move with grace.
By taking lessons at a gym you will be learning to move with tempo, firm your body and will be coordinating your body in a graceful fashion. You will also have the extra advantage of being able to firm up that body of yours if it is needed.

Now these two methods are good but will not cost the same so you should shop around and see what you prefer...

Go out there and have fun

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