Break the Taboo  

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7/27/2005 7:13 am

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Break the Taboo

Sex during Menstruations.

Ok, OK... I know some of you are already turning green around the gills but I bring this up for a reason.
Many people Men and Women are uncomfortable with the idea of having sex during the redder days of the month and there are some good reasons and there are also some reasons that are simply caused by ignorance.

During this time ladies are a little more physically sensitive and their flows make things a little more libricated... that means sex that is longer, you can do it more often before she sais that dreaded... "ohhh I have had too much, i'm dried up" and she can have many more orgasms.

Ok there are disadvantages like spillage and the scent of blood. For the spillage, use a towel. And for the smell, just ignore it... its not that bad.

Dont forget go soak that towel and... just like any other time... its important to go pee after sex... both of you!
This will help avoid infection to the urinary tract.
Now have fun.

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