12 inches into last Friday  

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11/13/2005 12:51 pm

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12 inches into last Friday

A couple of days ago I went out with a friend I have made on AdultFriendFinder.
She is sweet, beautiful, she has an awesome sense of humor, she is witty, she is smart and she is not afraid of being a little nut…In other words someone that I am happy to have met and to have as a friend.
Ok, now some of you readers may think that we may have something going on that is greater than simple friendship but sadly I am not what she is looking for.
But that does not prevent us from becoming friends with a twist…
The twist is simple, sexually we are not afraid to talk and shock the other person, there is a great sense of freedom in that that can, as you expect, be easily appreciated.
Ok so you are probably thinking...” So that’s it! That’s where you will stop? Won’t you try to pursue some more?”
And the answer is twofold. It is both yes and no.
I will start with the negative answer, the “no” but first I have more to say, more to lay out so you can see the painting; not only for what it represents but also for its colors, brush strokes and textures.
We went to eat at a restaurant then we went walking around downtown, going to look at stuff at a sexshop, looking at condoms in a pharmacy and laughing about some of the products, all in all; looking at this and that, idly talking, laughing, kidding around, occasionally teasing and freezing our butts looking for a coffee shop.
Most of the shops were full and one, believe it or not, was too bright!!! . Finally we found one that was just right (hmmm where is mama bear).
We sat down we drank coffee and “enjoyed” stale cake.
See nothing spectacular, nothing outrageous, nothing that should provoke anything else that a pleasant time.
The whole time that I was with her, I had hard-on after hard-on. I told her about 2 of them but I did not mention it all the time. At the end of the evening I went home and I was hornier than I have been in a long time.
I took things in hand many times before things quieted down and I could sleep.
Ok so now that you have the sense of the painting here are the explanations to the double answer.
The “no” is quite simple and easy to understand; “No I would not try to pursue any sexual path. I respect her and I do not want to take her out of her comfort zone.
”As I have mentioned I am not her type and I am lucky to have her friendship and I do not want to ruin her friendship for me by making a move that she would not welcome and that may upset her.
The “yes” is also simple; “Yes I would love to go further with her if she would be so inclined.” She is amazing and I would love to be with her in a more intimate and sexual sense...
Now please do not think that all this was simply so I could tell her how I feel.
Some of it may have its footing in that reason but if she reads this it should not be a great surprise to her since I have not tried to hide any of it from her…
The reason I wrote this is simple, I wanted her to know that she is amazing.

Are you wondering about the title??
The story is 12 inches long from top to bottom (on word)

Arc_Angel2112 42M

11/13/2005 2:08 pm

lmao on the 12" thing! Been there many times. I've have some great women as friends and some women I fuck,but not the same women! Amazing that can be so hard to find someone that combines the two and it works perfect for both,I wish you the best and think your cool for not forcing the issue and trying to keep her feeling comfortable! F,H,L-Mick

PassionateBeat 44M

11/15/2005 4:23 am

Thank-you for the well wishes and I am happy you apreciated the title


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