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1/13/2006 7:20 am

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breakfast fantasy

Do you ever want to just have sex all day? I seem to want that all the time. Every day when I wake up, naked, next to a woman I just want to stay naked, cancel all my plans and just fuck the day away. Sex in bed while waking up is the best. I'm always hard when I wake up naked, it's just something about it, I can't say exactly what. Unfortunately it never seems to go according to the fantasy, there is always some responsibility that prohibits it. If it isn't work then it's plans with friends or working out, walking the dog, the kids (hers, I don't have kids) or some thing. It's not that I resent those responsibilities, it's just that I'd like there to be a day, just one, where I didn't have any at all.

Intead of getting dressed we just wrap ourselves in blankets, head to the kitchen and make some frenched toast and sausage (my favorite guilty meal). I'd also add some fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries and grapes. We cuddle through the blankets while making the feast and try very hard not to get too distracted by each other until the toast is finished and the stove is off. We open our blankets and press against each other, our body heat an incredible sensation mixed with the chill of the kitchen. When we make it to the table the syrup, powdered sugar and whipped cream are already there (I'm tellin' you, this breakfast is sinful!). She sits on my lap and we eat from the same plate, feeding each other and kissing with every bite. I dribble syrup down her neck and rush to lick it off. She coats my lips with sugar and carefully removes each speck with her tounge. We share a grape and each get a squirt in the back of the mouth. I put whipped cream on my finger and slowly trace a line down her neck, through her clevage and onto her nipple while our tounges clamor for the last bit of grape juice in each others' mouths. She smears syrup along my neck and then dives in to suck it up. I take a blueberry and use it to gather the whipped cream, moving it down her chest and lightly teasing her nipple with the fruit until I feel her quiver slightly and I feel her hot breath on my neck. She starts to stroke my cock, and I pull her blanket away so I can finger her clit. She turns and slides on my hard cock. We grab some more fruit and a syrupy piece of toast. Not all of it makes into our mouths but we get every morsel from each other. We gyrate together in the chair, our faces and necks covered with breakfast and I lightly raise her to the table. I thrust hard into her and as her moans turn to screams she grabs on tight and we climax together in a beautiful moment of love, sex and sustenance. We stay there on the table and finish breakfast while chuckling and teasing each other more. After we clean up we head to the shower . . .

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