Sweet Lemonade!  

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1/2/2006 5:27 pm

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Sweet Lemonade!

So, it's a new year. 2006. I didn't bother to make any resolutions, what's the point right? I guess that says something about me, I've reached the point where I realize how much of a loser I am and I'm just go along with it. No, that's not it, I guess it's more that I know what my goals are for the short term and I have every intention of making them happen but I don't feel I need to ennumerate them. So, loser or not, I'm on my way.

I think it is a fair assessment to say that '06 started slightly better than '05 ended, even though those events occurred simultaneously and differentiating between the two is difficult. I had a date for New Year's Eve. I thought it was going to go well. I actually had plans with a girl I met on AdultFriendFinder in a chat room. Now all the guys out there who plow into the chat rooms daily and waste rows and rows of chat space asking repeatedly, "Any girls from (insert town name here)?" know that simply striking up a conversation with a young, desirable woman isn't easy, much less getting a date out of it. So, I considered myself lucky. As it turned out my original plans for the big night fell through when one of my drinking buddies decided to go out of town for the event and didn't inform me until a few days prior when I called to confirm plans. There were a handful of casual parties at homes of friends and family I could have attended (like I did last year) but I've been cooped up for so long that I needed to really get out and let it fly. So when the opportunity to go out with a single girl from AdultFriendFinder arose I jumped on it.

Who wants to lay money on what the next part of the story will be?

She didn't show. (I know someone go it right.) We had agreed to meet at a bar of her choosing, she said it was a great place. I had to travel to get there so I made arrangements to stay at a cheap motel in the area and drove there in the afternoon of the 31st. I dressed nicely, wore wool dress pants, dress shirt and a loose tie around my open collar. I'm no fashion plate but I thought I did a fine job, I wish I had had a camera. I got to the bar (easy to find) about ten minutes before our agreed upon meeting time of 9pm. The place was rockin'! She was right, great place. It was actually a restaurant with a large bar section. I found an open barstool (not many available) and ordered a beer. I kept a keen eye out for a woman matching my "date's" description and photo but by 9:30 I knew it wasn't going to go as planned. I had her cell phone number but at that point I figured all I would get would be an excuse or some lame falsehood and it wasn't worth getting all upset about. So I ordered another drink and set in for a night of hard drinking.

At some point I decided to take the lemon and make lemonade. Into my vicinity moved a loud group of people decked out in festive attire. Without hesitation I made some small talk with a very friendly woman in the group and soon I was a member of the party. The next thing I knew I had downed two shots paid for by who knows who and was on my fifth beer. We were having a great time but I continued to scan the bar crowd for the woman I was to have met and/or young women with no dates. As you might expect there was no sign of the former and not much of the latter. I had been casually eyeing a pair of girls at the opposite corner of the bar (the bar was very big) who had been knockin' them back (dinks that is) for some time and, although they had been approached at least twice that I saw, were still unaccompanied by any males. I took the opportunity of a bathroom run to stop at that corner on my way back.

It was there I met two girls whose names both started with K. (More interesting considering I was originally supposed to meet a woman whose name also begins with K.) The first I spoke to (K-1) was tall, thin, pretty but not gorgeous. She was talkative and very friendly. Her friend (K-2) was short, a little stout and somewhat reserved. She had dark, deep eyes and later I was priviledged to see her incridible smile (she has great teeth too). I played it off as if I was trying to be obnoxious but I was in a zone and these girls seemed thankful for some company so I don't think I could have said anything that would have scared them away (except the obvious, ofcourse). I wonder if they sensed that I was just having fun and also needed some company, if they needed a buffer from the strange man sitting on the stool next to them (he was actually a very nice guy, we talked for a good while), or if they just liked the tie. Regardless, minutes after my arrival K-1 stood up to go to the bathroom and with a finger point ordered me not to go anywhere. I was in!

To make a long story somewhat shorter, the three of us found some talking points, we did a little dancing, I got two kisses at midnight and a phone number for each. I make good lemonade! The girls left together to find a cab ride home. I had hinted at suggesting they could join me back at the room, I think it was K-1's comment that they like to fuck strangers which promted it, but the suggestion received a cold response so I dropped it. By that time I was pretty fucked up from countless drinks, shots, champagne, etc. so I miraculously drove myself the three miles back to the motel and somehow managed to undress before passing out.

I paid for it mightily the next day. My hangover lasted almost the entire afternoon but I'm my old self again and I look forward to calling the K's soon. I don't know how much I am going to have to share on this blog but it's not like anyone is reading it anyway. So, until next time, I'll see you around. -- Joe

rm_dianelayers 56F

1/2/2006 5:54 pm

Who's not reading it?

I am and I want details guy, details you hear me???

Good Luck.

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