Return -- plus Middle River Update  

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2/20/2006 6:27 pm

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Return -- plus Middle River Update

I am back after another absence. I took a break from the site but after several weeks of living in this repressed world I'm back again and looking for more abuse. I'm going to be ignored, shunted, frustrated and laughed at but I'm here to take it all. After all, this is how it has alwas gone.

So, I see there are a ton of new profiles from Middle River, Maryland. That is one thing that hasn't changed. I actually read some of these profiles. All these super hot women who supposedly live in Middle River are looking for no-strings sex with anyone who is willing to give it. Let's see, with about 130,000 profiles of men seeking women in Maryland, that would be about 129,950 men interested in giving it to them. All these profiles feature the fatal flaw, a bold request for an e-mail address right in the text of the profile.

Ok, so what is happening is obvious. Someone is posting fake ads with pics from web porn sites and enticing men to include a personal e-mail address in a message which the instigators will then promptly sell to spammers throughout the world. No bid deal, we see it here all the time.

What gets me about it is how blatantly obvious it is. Whoever is behind this thing really isn't thinking it through. When I see a profile from Middle River, MD I immediately assume it's fake and ignore it. No one will fall for that trick because it's too obvious. The thing is, like I said in my other post on this subject, Middle River is not a very populated area. It originally got my attention because of the inordinate number of profiles coming from there in the first place. If I were running this scam I'd say the girls were from Baltimore or Washington or somewhere that it wouldn't be strange to find sex-starved and gorgeous women. What's more is, if I chose to use a town with a smaller population I wouldn't choose Middle River. Not exactly a haven for beautiful people generally, if you know what I mean.

The other thing about this that gets me is what happens to the honest profiles from Middle River. Granted there are only a handful of them but the real women of that town are now pretty much skipped over because of the abuse my capitalist fools.

By the way, if you're reading this from Middle River let me know what the hell is going on. Is the whole town in on it? Is it a town fundraiser or something? I know that times are tough around those parts these days but there has got to be a better way.

And what do the women of Middle River think? Honestly, do you find the all the male losers of Baltimore County end up in your corner bars every night looking to meet some of these fake women? Do your profiles get more or less notice due to this problem?

Why do I spend so much time worrying and writing about something that has so little to do with my life? I think I'll watch some South Park now. See ya. -- Joe

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