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PassionFriend 43M
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3/14/2006 6:54 pm

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No response

I read a lot of blogs on this site from men who are new members to the A F F thing and are dismayed at the lack of success here. In fact, I posted such an entry myself. I read one today which struck a little close to home so I thought I'd put my two cents in, regardless that no one reads this thing anyway.

The point of this entry, by a guy named Eveready, was that it would be nice to get a response, either way, from the women who we take time to compose a message. I am in full agreement with this opinion. Like he says, when I see an attractive profile and I take the time to read it and compose a unique message (as opposed to a canned message) with a simple offer for nothing more than conversation it would just be nice to hear a yes or no in reply. I am a mature guy and I can handle a rejection. All guys my age are used to rejection.

What's the harm in a simple reply? I even use the "allow standard members to contact me" feature.

I know the women on this site are bombarded with messages every day but if you actually read the messages it is easy to tell the canned messages from real ones and it's easy to filter messages from assholes who are rude, abrasive, etc. When you get a complimentary message from a sincere guy who thinks that you're a good match, it is simply rude to not respond.

I said in my earlier entry that I have never received a response to the dozens of messages I have sent over the years. Lately that has changed. I have received replies from several of the messages I have sent in recent months. The problem is that they all have asked me to reply to an outside e-mail address. That's a common ploy to obtain e-mail address for abuse. So even though I've gotten responses I still have a zero percent success rate, those responses were from fake ads!

So, ladies, what's the latest excuses for not responding?

absolutelynormal 56F
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3/14/2006 7:59 pm

If I don't answer someone it's because he's a jerk and is cheating on his significant other. Everyone deseerves some sort of response. Most guys I respond to in my own words, not the computer generated drop box reply. What are you saying in these emails? You're obviously an intelligent guy. In your profile you make a statement that the little town is about to kill you. You also say you like to party. I know what kind of site this is supposed to be but if you read women's blogs, most of them want more than just a roll in the hay. You state that you aren't looking for a relationship, a lot of women here are. I'm not in your age range and I am not sure what women your age would not find attractive about you if they didn't want to be in a relationship. Keep trying. There's someone for everyone (I keep telling myself that) : ) Mac

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