Into the Abyss  

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6/9/2005 4:42 pm

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Into the Abyss

OK, I know, I know. It's been fookin AGES since I wrote in here. But hey, I've been busy. Also, so far I haven't been inundated with sex offers from hot women in here, so I guess I let it slide a bit, heh heh. Now then, where were we. Let me continue ...........

I guess I shouldn't blame Jeff for where I am today. I should THANK him! But when I met him I thought "My God, what have we here?" Jeff is about ten years younger than me, so I reckon he must've been about 21 when we met. I thought he was pretty shallow, but a likeable guy none the less. He had a good job, drove around in a flash little red sports car, and liked nothing more than partying. Especially if it meant he got to fuck some chicks afterwards, .

Jeff was pretty appalled with me, and how I didn't like to leave the house. He berated me for my lack of partying and when he heard I hadn't had sex in the last half hour he nearly fainted. As far as he was concerned this was OUTRAGEOUS, and he wasnt't going to stand for it. We could all do with mates like that, lol.

Before long Jeff was dragging me out everywhere he went. And I had to admit, it was quite fun socialising again. He knew a lot of fun people, and there was a lot of partying to be done. I'd get rather drunk etc, and have a good time, but I'd never pull. I just wasn't in that space I guess, which Jeff found rather disturbing.

For example, we'd ended up at Sub 9 one night, for the express purpose of meeting women. Subsequent to the meeting, we would exchange pleasantries and a few dances (optional), at which time we would adjourn to another location for prolonged sexual congress. I'm not talking about me and Jeff together you understand, but rather the two of us and the two other random women he was planning to target. But I knew you knew that, I'm just an extremely talented comedian.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I was totally drunk that night, and in no danger of having sex with anyone (including myself). Ecstacy can be a pretty potent substance however, and before long some young lovely was sitting next to me, purring in my ear about how long and sexy my legs were, and why don't I take her somewhere where she could brush her long hair all over them, after which she could do rather nice sounding things to me with her mouth.

I must confess to finding the whole thing quite enticing, and I was even starting to believe that I must be a very very sexy gentleman indeed. I reckon I could've converted this young lady's interest into delicious nookie action, except for one subtle point. Midway through our conversation, I casually leaned forward between my long sexy legs, and vomitted all over the floor. I've since rejected this concept as a pick up move.

Although I was quite deservingly berated for this natural ability with women, Jeff didn't give up on me.It wasn't long after that incident, that he showed up at my place unannounced one Friday evening. I was home along, just relaxing in front of the football, as you do. I didn't mind Jeff dropping by, but was a little surprised as I'd
thought he'd had a party to go to that started quite early.

Well, he had. And now he was leaving early. Because he found something for me! Oh Good GRIEF, lol. He rather excitedly told me that he'd picked up a hot little blondie who was badly in need of some sex. So he'd brought her straight round. I'm like, y'WOT?? I mean, I know that you can pick up people at parties, all pretty random like. But I didn't realise that you could pick them up for your friends who weren't even there, .

It's not that I'm a total prude or anything, but I really think I'd prefer to meet my own women, as opposed to having my friends procure them, lol. "But mate, she's 17!!" he exclaimed, as the clincher. Oh good GRIEF! Now, I'm not a total prude, but it all sounded a bit dodgy to me. Albeit in a quite sexy way, lol.

In the end, even Jeff decided that maybe she was a little too young. And that he should just take her home to her parents. As it transpired, his car had other ideas, and took a turn off down by the Hutt River, whence Jeff felt obliged to recline the front seat and fuck her silly. But hey, it's the thought that counts, .

Well, he never was one to be shy. And admittedly he did often seem to be surrounded by ladies. The guys used to wonder where he met them all. The answer appeared to be, everywhere! The library, the bus home, the supermarket, the beach. He was a busy boy. But also phone intro services, and the net. He liked the last two options in particular, because he reckoned you could get more sex that way. But most of us thought, "Oh yeah, the net. Weirdo City!"

Jeff was always trying to get me to sign up to various dating sites. He'd come round to my place to check his messages, and then show me ads and pics of various women he considered likely candidates for my attentions. I'd have a look, but was never swayed to do anything more about it. I must confess though, it did get me thinking. There seemed to be an awful lot of women out there, and a good proportion of them seemed to be advertising for some good hard cock, .

Then one day, Jeff forwarded me an email. It was from a New Zealand dating site called ..........., well I can't tell you what they were called here, but trust me, they're pretty lame and you're not missing out on anything. For the purpose of this blog I should come up with something to call them though. Hmmmmm, let's call them Laymoes Online. Anyway, they were offering a free membership deal if you signed up within the next few days. Never one to be able to resist something free, I clicked on the link. I never intended anything by it. I wasn't going to write an ad, or message anybody. I was just collecting something free, lol. You never know, it might be worth something one day!

Pandora's sexy hot wet box was open, and ready for some serious probing .............

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