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9/27/2005 2:47 pm

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Java's world


welcome to this jam packed blog i like to call...Java's world. Most excellent!! in todays blog, i will be reflecting on...n e shit that comes to mind really. hrmmm, i got one. im due next week. woho!!! yes!! after months of waiting, my child is finally going to make his appearence next week...or the week before...or sometime this week. hopefully i go into labor sometime this week. i hate this pregnant shit. the sex you want, youre not gettin and the sex youre gettin....wait, i wasnt gettin n e sex to begin with!!! sux to be me. yes, yes i know, there were plenty of you straping boys out there that wanted to giving me the best ride of my life, or what ever, but there were a few things wrong with that.
1. most of them, if not all of them, didnt have the ablility to read a damn profile. why would that feature be on the site if you werent supossed to use it.
2. i know this is a swinger site, but i am not into older guys. and when i say older, i mean those of you that have lived my life plus lets just say 10 years and up. i can not help you get your groove back. i am not the reverse rendition of stella damn it! (ohhh i used a big word! *pats herself on the back*)
3. to some of you guys, a pregnant chick is like the hottest thing since fire, but got damn it i am not a pregnant slut. which means, i am not going to to screw you just because you want to live that fantasy and then never talk to me again (which i think is plain bullshit). i know that it turns you on that you dont have to worry about cumming in a preggo woman and not getting her pregnant and all that shit, but do you even thing about her feelings in the matter? i should think not. have respect damnit. you want us as women to respect you, then have the balls to respect us.

one more thing. why the hell do all the "pretty boys" want nothin more then a "pretty girl" to screw. i mean sure. there are alot of beautiful ladies on the site, and im not bashing them for being that way, but damn. there are plenty of use average girl on here that need love too. and since this is a swingers site, why the hell are ya'll being so piccy. i undersatnd that you dont want someone that looks like the crypt keeper or n e thing like that, but geez. all you are after is sex n e ways right? who knows, that average chick might be the one you were looking to spend the rest of your life with ans blah blah blah. what im trying to say is, quit being shallow assholes and look to new faces instead of ones that fit into a damn cut out mold.

ok, enough of that. you would think that im a shallow bitch or something.....could be, could be not...who's to say.
If you havent noticed by now, im venting or bitching or whatever you would call it. and for those of you who think i give a shit, promptly stab yourself in the eye with a really sharp pencil.

thats my blog for today folks. until next time...ITS JAVAS WORLD! JAVAS WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT!!!

PS. comments are welcome. (i just want to see how many people flame the hell out of me for this one.)

looking4fun68123 51F

9/27/2005 3:49 pm

Did you ever notice that it is the average to below average looking guys who are looking for those beautiful women????? Which is probably why they are on here STILL looking!!

Pandachick20 32F

9/28/2005 1:12 pm

you do have a good point looking4fun68123. all of the average joes are looking for a damn pamela anderson looking chick. hello!! if you dont look like tommy lee or n e other hot guy like that, nine time out of ten, you srent going to bag one of them. dont get me wrong, some of them have good hearts, but i just thing that they need to set there sights on something more reasonable then a hot chick.

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