Java's world :Post due date edition  

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10/6/2005 4:54 pm

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Java's world :Post due date edition


hi, andwell coe to another jame packed blog i call Java's world...most bitchin!! and todays blog id titled post due date blues. yes yes, for tose of you who have been keeping up with me and reading my blogs, you all know that im expecting. well, it is now thrusday, oct 6. which means that as of now, i am officially 2 days over due. up two whole days. sux to be me. fortunately, my ob/gyn wont let me go more then one week over due. which means that if i dont have the baby by monday, then ill be induced on tuesday. lucky me right. my first kid and alredy he wants to be stubborn.

a few people i know said the funniest this to me the other day. they told me that i should be a strap on and get jiggy with it if you get wht im sayin. i just laughed my ass of, but they do have a point. but knowing me, i aint gonna do it. ill be too scared to like hit my kid in the head or something like and for all the guys reading this who think they will get the opportunity to helP me out...nice try. you get and a for effort. and if you think i give a shit, promptly take your bottom lip and pull it over your head. (im a bitch, i know. but you still love

n e ways, thats my blog for today. so until next time.... ITS JAVAS WORLD!! JAVAS WORLD!! PARTY TIME!! EXCELLENT!!!

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