Re: I'm silly (My third post)  

Paksennarrion 38F
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6/28/2006 3:17 am
Re: I'm silly (My third post)

A lot sure has changed in just 2 weeks. True, even with my various postings, I've only gotten 28 different sub-posts, and a number of them are from the same people, but according to the "views" thing, several of my posts have gotten over 100 views! While I know this isn't actually a lot; compared to what I was expecting, it's a landslide! So I'm feeling better about being here. I've also dipped my toe into the groups section. So now, I've got a blog, I regularly log into the IM feature, I email, I go into chat rooms on occasion, and I've joined a group! All I need is a webcam, and I'll really be rolling!

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