Do you feel sexy?  

Paksennarrion 38F
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6/28/2006 3:40 pm

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7/3/2006 8:17 am

Do you feel sexy?

I've figured out my problem. I no longer think I'm sexy. It's been too long since I've gotten sex more than once with the same guy. The one night stands that have been my lot the last few years have destroyed my confidence. It's hard to feel sexy when lately every guy that's seen me naked has run the other way. And since I don't feel like I'm sexy, I can't please myself. Clothed, I can manage to recapture some of it, but naked, I feel like Jabba the Hut or something. (Side note: Is anyone as happy as I am that they're going to release the ORIGINAL, UNIMPROVED Star Wars on DVD?) Which also explains why I was soo nervous when I met that guy the other night. I'm terrified that if I get naked with someone, they'll scream and run.

So, Question Time, People (and for god's sake, please answer, I need help here!) What can I do to feel sexy naked again (besides lose 30 pds, that's a little obvious and hard to do)? What makes you feel sexy when naked?

7grinder7 53M

7/1/2006 7:24 am

Well all i can say is be happy with who you are!! i have always liked women with meat on their bones.i have always looked at the heart and personality in a person.yeah i love women and love sex but if i found one that would be true to me and be good to me i would be only dont worry about youre body because if a man runs for whatever reason he's not worth youre time. i think by looking at your pic youre sexy

rm_KellyGirl53 63M

7/2/2006 6:43 pm

just being naked is enough, I'm over weight too but it does not stop me from stripping ( especialy in this heat). I'm lucky I can step in the back yard and walk around, after about 7:00 walk down to the pond about 300 yds (900 feet) away. beauty like age is a state of mind.

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