The Connection  

PackinBoi 47F
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6/4/2006 6:54 am
The Connection

No.. it isn't some kind of sex stories.. though I am sure some of those might come later

I met a beautiful woman almost 2 years ago and we had a thing going for a while.

Unfortunately, she is in a relationship already. Well, neither one of us expected to fall in love with each other, but we did.. and hard.

From the moment we talked, we knew that there was something there.

About 2-3 weeks ago now, she sent me one of those *dear john* notes on line telling me that everything was over and to walk away.. needless to say, I didn't. She didn't either.

We still talk.. and this morning we met up near one of the beaches here in town.

She says she needed to tell me in person how sorry she is that everything ended the way it did. I needed to see her to know if she really does still love me.

It was good that we met up.. we got a chance to talk a little bit.

Before we left, we sat down in her car and chatted some more.. and ended up kissing.

I told her it was for the future... a reminder that I dont hate her.. a reminder of the connection we have and the love I have for her.

It felt good.. which is nice, because I hadn't been feeling all that good for a while.

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