Tipping Etiquette for Prostitutes  

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Tipping Etiquette for Prostitutes

<~~~~~"For the last time Package, I will NOT honor a coupon from Denny's"

Once again I'm inspired to blog by Pet_humility and her post, [post 385039].

If you have a regular prostitute that you go to, should you occasionally tip her? Maybe not every day, but what about the holidays? For gift etiquette, I went to EmilyPost.com.

Emily's advice is this:

The holiday season is the traditional time to say “thank you” and “I appreciate the work you do” to those who have provided service to you throughout the year. Don’t forget that one of the best ways to express your appreciation is a hand-written note, which should accompany any holiday tip.

This is great advice for anyone. "But how much should I tip Deesire?" you ask. Well, Emily has a few guidelines:

Whether and how much to tip varies widely, depending on:

* the quality and frequency of the service
* your relationship with the service provider
* where you live (amounts are usually higher in large cities)
* the frequency of the service or how long you have worked together
* your budget
* regional customs
* the type of establishment: deluxe vs. moderate

There's also a handy chart to help you decide. For example, Emily recommends one week’s pay and/or a gift for your dog walker. And, for your mailman, U.S. government regulations only permit mail gifts worth up to $20 each, not cash.

Surprisingly, prostitutes are not mentioned. I also looked for "Hospitality Engineers," "Escort Service Providers," and "Ho's". I think the closest profession might be a Massage Therapist, who should receive one session's fee, or a small gift.

After all, hasn't she given so much to you? Her time, her attention, crabs, etc?

So happy tipping. Remember, the gifts you give are an expression of who you are. Let the holiday spirit be your guide.

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