Santa baby....put a present under the tree for me.....  

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12/16/2005 7:05 am

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Santa baby....put a present under the tree for me.....

Well this time of year i always ask santa for some love, patients and understanding. And usually for something that i know that i will never get because the chances are slim to nil that i will ever find it...but a couple of years ago...i asked santa for some sweedish meatballs...and lol and behold guess what i got..
I happened to buy a house when i left my husband and my water pipes i went to my neighbors house...not having a clue who it was...and asked to borrow some water. Well my neighbor ended up being a 23 yr old....He came over to see if he could figure out where my pipes were froze so i could get some heat on them and we got to talking. I asked him what his last name was...and he told me...and i said wow what nationality is that? He proceeds to tell me...SweedISH.....and i started to laugh my ass off. Now mind you this is like a week before christmas and all season long it was my joke to get sweedish meatballs for christmas. Well after i quit laughing he asked my what was so funny....and i told him....he turned like 5 shades of red...and the rest is history...we actually dated for 2 yrs.....he was everything that i was hoping sweedish meatballs would be.....and then some..and we are still friends to this day....
But this year i am at a loss for what to ask santa for....Can any one help me out....with some suggestions?

rm_cumtoyou1980 36M
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12/26/2005 1:21 am

how about asking santa for a younger guy who'll make you smile and loves to please and be pleased, i bet santa would like you to ask him that cause this younger guy does have swedish meatballs with a little bit of finnish/norwegian balls too and he can fix your pipes if they were to freeze again.

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