Silent Me  

PMSKhan 85G
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8/27/2006 1:56 pm

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Silent Me

If words Could say what I feel for you,
I Would cherish them in my heart,
I Would warm them in my hands,
I Would Whisper them in your ear.

And If I Keep my silence,
I Hope you will understand,
That words are only word
just look at you and smile.....
Can't express the love.

I can't find the words
that could tell what i feel deep inside
I can't find the Voice to speak to your heart
I can't find the feelings to show you I Care

I don't know what to say

I feel like i am falling in love everytime i see you.
I feel like you were ment for only me
I feel like I need you with all of my heart
But i still dont know what to say

I want to tell you that you are my world
with this voice that rings in my head
And I want to show you
that I love you more that you could know
with this feelings that is locked in my heart
I want to say to you that you are my all

but u still can't find the words to say!

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