Membership has its privileges  

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10/17/2005 1:21 pm

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Membership has its privileges

It has been rough adjusting to being back in school after a month and a half off, and I am playing hookey yet again. This summer, my classes were really intense and after finishing them, I turned my brain off. Turning it back on has been difficult.

And my cold has relapsed. Too many late nights. Too much abuse last Thursday. That is my excuse for today, I suppose. Also, I have found that I am not a fan of the lecture I have on Mondays.

So here I am, killing some time.

This weekend, I was asked why I was a member of this site. The woman who asked me said that she found reasons like "just to meet people" lame. If that was the reason, she suggested, then there are plenty of sites out there to meet people other than a sex and swinger site.

I chuckled, and agreed. She told me her thoughts before I really could answer, and this might be good, since I may have offered up that same, bullshit sentence.

Hell, yeah, I'm looking to get laid. Who isn't? And sure, the idea of meeting someone on here for nothing but a lay would be fine, I am a guy after all.

But I am looking to meet people for less scandalous reasons too. Years ago I used to run with a crowd that was sexually open and experimental, one where a fondness for whips and chains was just assumed, and so forth... But being something of a stranger in a strange land now, it is difficult for a single man with limited nights out to get absorbed into such a scene here, especially where Fetish nights, industrial nights and so forth are not well advertised and usually occur on nights that I cannot go out, even when I do figure out where they are.

While I have never had too much difficulty meeting people anywhere in "real life," after coming out of a vanilla sex marriage, I do not necessarily, when I do settle down again, want to end up in the same situation again.

And as for getting involved with a scene the old fashioned way, it takes some time and work, especially for single males. I have nothing against that, and I am patient, but as with much of my academic work, I find utilizing my computer to be a good way to accomplish my goals when I cannot go out, when I have to be home most of the time.

So, there it is. Though I will not complain about the sexy pictures, stories and cams, either. After all, I am still a guy.

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