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10/24/2005 10:22 pm

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I'm going to a wedding this Saturday. A friend of mine is tying the knot, and I'm looking at an opportunity.

To hook up with someone.

Of course, that is what weddings are for when you're a single man, right? I haven't been to a wedding as a single before, so my imagination is running wild with possibilities. I get to line up and go for the garter once again. Not that I really want it, but it's fun to participate in a melee whenever possible.

Of course, the reception is in a very small town, and the couple is from a very small town, and I'm doubting how many attractive, available ladies there could actually be.

Plus if I find one, will I have any game to actually hook up for one uninhibited night with a stranger? Probably not. I know myself, and I don't know that I can be that spontaneous. Especially since I don't drink. Man, that would make things so much easier. But perhaps the challenge is what drives me.

But until then, I'll keep myself interested with the anticipation of infinite possibilities before me. I can't mess up in my daydreams.

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