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12/20/2005 9:38 pm

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My Last Post

Just in case anyone cared, my walk was good. I didn't get to catch up with John as long as I'd have liked because he had company. And wouldn't you know it, another old college roommate was there. But I didn't get along with "Mark" at all and it was very awkward hanging out with him. I drove to ISU and took my walk and put a lot of stuff behind me.

And now I put this site behind me.

I haven't gotten any interest in my profile, and I haven't found any actual intriguing people close by. I have been duped by the profile generator, and my confidence in finding a legitimate human person on the other end of the screen is gone. I have lost the enthusiasm necessary to continue this blog, and never felt I had an audience anyway. It's a fantasy land, and I need to find something real.

I don't leave with hard feelings. Blogging was fun, and reading other blogs was nice. But I think I just needed a temporary escape from a depressing reality for a while. Now that my life has gotten back on track and I don't wallow in self-pity anymore, I don't feel the need to seethe and pout in a public forum anymore. I'm more confident than I have been in a while and feel it is time to do things a bit more traditionally. I'll be looking for a house soon, and that excites me. Once I get my own house, my own castle and domain, I think I can truly be myself again and be free.

So I bid adieu to the few who watched this blog and posted some comments. I appreciate the bit of interest I got and I 'm glad I got to hear a few different perspectives on situations and life. Perhaps I'll meet one of you in real life, independent of this site, and we can remark on how small a world it is.

Take care!

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