Mosh pit etiquitte  

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9/25/2005 4:05 am

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Mosh pit etiquitte

Disturbed is such an amazing band to see live! They're from Chicago, so I'm sure their home shows are amped up a bit. The crowd sure gets up for them.

I had no idea the Riviera was so small. My brothers and I (minus one, he had a prior committment he wouldn't weasel out of) had an amazing time. I've never left an event so sweaty in my life, and I'm a competetive runner. The whole show was a major aerobic/chest/shoulder/leg workout from the shoving, jumping, fist pumping and singing. I was soaked head to toe in my own sweat, the sweat of 100 others, and thrown beer. But it was so great. My ears will ring for 2 days.

It was a shock to see my cousin tending bar. It must be a side job he does. He's also a Chicago musician, but doomed to local celebrity only.

I thought one guy was going to leave in an ambulance. He just kept getting his ass kicked in the mosh pit. He'd get shoved hard, fall down hard, get lifted back up, and take his pounding again. He was limping and wheezing and obviously dizzy. But he wouldn't stop. Etiquitte requires everyone on the edge of the pit to help the fallen back to their feet as quickly as possible. Then shove them hard back to the middle. I prefer the edge to the center: more beatings dished out, less taken.

The whole crowd died with 2 songs to go in the main set. The pit contained just a few by then who just kinda wandered aimlessly as they were pushed in a circle. Everyone caught a second wind for the 2 song encore, but the whole place was drained. Most metalheads aren't athletes, and the 90 minutes of jumping and the pounding many of us took had everyone eager to go once it was over.

I'd like to see Disturbed in another city to see if the fans are as enthusiastic. I'm guessing the Chicago shows are more hyper, but I'm curious how popular they are around the rest of the country.

So now I struggle to stay awake for 2 more hours so I can get back to work Sunday night without disrupting my cycle. I think I'll make it. I'd have more to say and I'd normally be even more enthusiastic, but I'm so beat and the headache I have is interfering with my concentration. Just be glad I'm not whining again!

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