Long night  

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11/14/2005 4:30 pm

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Long night

I just may murder my roommate.

He knows I go to bed late on Sundays. I play football after work and don't make it to bed until about 1 PM. So the time is precious that I have in bed until 8 PM when I wake up.

So why in the world would he use a hammer against a wooden door at 4? I don't know, either. I bet you it was a chore that could have waited until I got up, or another day altogether. So there I was, awoken very suddenly from a great sleep. But of course, with the daylight, my brain wouldn't allow me to fall back to sleep. Nope. Up. Done.

Not until it was just about time to get ready for work. So I had no choice but to call in sick.

But I couldn't even stay up past 11 PM! I dozed on and off in my all-too-comfy chair in front of the TV, then made the ill-advised move to my futon 8 feet away. At about 7 AM, I finally decided I was fighting a losing battle and went to bed. Missed my workout, and I knew I would be completely messed up for the day.

Sure enough, 2 PM came and I was wide awake. So I did at least go to the gym so Monday's workout could be done and I'd feel better about not missing it. But as I was there, bright-eyed and looking healthy, my boss strolled over to say hi. But at least he had Sunday night off, so I doubt he knew I called in sick. Yet. But I consider it a sick day well used, as I would have been completely useless at work running on 3 hours sleep over 2 days. Brain function and reflexes are pretty important in my line of work.

So now I'm still up, and I doubt I'll get a nap in before work again. But I should be able to drag myself through tonight. I'm off my schedule, but still going on about 14 hours of sleep all total. But we'll see.

I can't wait until March. I'll be looking for my own house then. My annual raise should allow me to afford something decent, and I can be rid of the frustrations of living with another guy. Don't get me wrong, he's a good friend of mine, but when I live somewhere, I need things my way. Exactly. This is his house, and I can't complain about anything. I'm an inconvenience for him and I need to keep perspective. Plus, yesterday was the first time he has woken me up. But the manner in which he did it still burns me. No common sense!

Only 4 1/2 months to go. Hopefully the sleep interruptions are few and far between.

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