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9/16/2005 6:31 am

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Normally, gloom is bad. It describes my main mood for the past 3 months. But today is different. Leaving work and heading to the gym, it was about 58 degrees, dawn just breaking, 10-12 mph breeze from the North, and a very slight drizzle of rain glazed the city and bland gray clouds covered the sky. What is a crappy day to most is a wonderful day for me.

It reminds me of high school Cross Country. Meets were more fun when it wasn't hot. A slight drizzle kept you cool and softened the ground. The feeling of rain and wind on my shaved head is nice. With the body heat keeping my dome warm all the time, the contrast in temperatures is a calm shock which is a bit invigorating.

Autumn brings all types of weather. Just when the heat is getting really old, rain comes and cools it down. When the unexpected cold gets just a bit annoying, Indian Summer comes and jackets get put on hold for a week.

I love this time of year because it used to signify settling into the new school year. About a month in and I'd gotten into a routine and had things figured out.

But I like this gloomy weather. I'm not sure what it is. The fact that it is bright enough to see all day without having to squint or resort to sunglasses could be a reason. Of course, I'll miss out on most of today, but I got my taste in before bedtime and the cool breeze through the window should have me sleeping very well. Now when the leaves change color, I'll try to take more of it in.

I love September and October!

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