Fun with swings  

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9/14/2005 11:40 pm

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Fun with swings

Another good day overall. The weather has cooled nicely. I'm glad to have the windows open with a slight breeze airing out the stuffy upstairs. It's about time Autumn got here. I hope it stays.

So I'm watching Mythbusters and wanting real bad to be with one of the show's staff: Kari Byron. She is the redhead with the great smile and sexy voice. On paper, she's perfect: beautiful, rehdead, smart, funny and works with tools. Does she possess the intangibles to round out the "perfect woman" criteria? Perhaps. Is she married? Don't know. Will I ever meet her? Probably not - the show is based in San Francisco. But it's nice to dream.

I don't exactly have a perfect woman template in my head, but I think I'm attracted mainly to those women I find accessible. I don't fantasize about anyone really famous. Probably because I can't suspend my disbelief that I could actually be with one. It's the fantasy of actually being able to meet and woo somebody I feel is "real" enough to accept me that I find appealing. I find many of the popular celebrities attractive, but I don't have one really that stands out as my "it" girl. Just as in real-life, I find the girl who works at the gym front desk more attractive than the made-up stairmaster darlings who wear their matching shorts and tank tops. The desk girl would probably be considered pretty, not hot, but I'm more turned on by fact I might have a chance with her. Accesibility over eye candy. That's what gets me.

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