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9/22/2005 1:10 am

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Fresh air

Close call in my softball game tonight. We won by only 3 runs, and it took a late inning rally to come from behind. I played like crap, but got a hit which drove in 2 runs and tied the game.

Typically the team goes to a bar after the game to get pizza, drink beer and play darts. I suck at darts and don't drink, so I'm in it strictly for the pizza. But I hate going there. Bars blow. Not only are they filled with drunk idiots (Wednesday night? Non-college town?) but scores of smokers. Every girl I found attractive there was smoking. Which made them all instantly unattractive to me. It's a deal breaker. I don't even ogle anymore. As a matter of fact, I think every single girl and almost every guy was a smoker. Why?

Has our society actually devolved? Is it more mainstream to be a smoker than not? Why is it still in fashion to puff away at these things which bring no positive reactions whatsoever? The smell, the heatlth risks, the cost. Why? Do we still think it looks attractive to hold one?

I am disappointed to be the only member of my family who doesn't smoke. My influence did not extend to my 3 younger brothers for some reason. My parents both still smoke. I've never even tried one. Never even had peers pressure me to try. Am I alone? Am I blessed with superhuman powers of judgment to choose only friends who don't and won't in the future? My damn ex-wife started up while we were married, for pete's sake! My discovery was the catalyst which fueled the breakup. I couldn't trust her, and she wouldn't change.

So again I ask: why does anyone start in the first place? I was repulsed by it as a child, why isn't every kid? Why do people continue despite the negativity which follows? How the hell am I ever going to meet someone who does not, and has never, when every time I turn around, another pretty girl is lighting up? I just can't stand the smell, the burning eyes and the breath destruction. I feel it's going to be a difficult road.

Next post: my problem with alcohol! Apparently I'll attack everything that makes people feel good.

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