Aspiration of being a plumber (fantasy)  

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1/3/2006 1:39 pm

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Aspiration of being a plumber (fantasy)

I'm take your appointment to come and check on your plumbing..., as I walk up to your door, I notice a note telling me to just walk in. As I search the house for the bedroom bath to check on a plugged sink, I hear a moaning sound coming from your bedroom. I quietly peak through the door to see you in your naked beauty, playing with yourself on the brink of a tremendous orgasm.

Not wanting to disturb you, I search for an alternate entry into the bath. As I begin to work on the drain pipe (lying on my back), head under the sink, I hear a noise. I look up and you're straddling me naked. Your moist pussy lips glisten in the light. Without hesitation, your grasp my now hard cock and ask if I could use a hand. Before I can answer, you have my pants undone and start licking my throbbing hard-on. All I can think of, beside how great your mouth feels, is tasting your hot juices. We move back into your bedroom while ripping off the remaining clothes I wore to work. Hot passionate kisses ensue while exploring each other with our hands, we turn into a sixty-nine, enjoying each other. I'm ready to explode any minute now. I tunr you around and enter you from behind driving my hard cock as far as I can, hard and fast until we both explode in unison. We continue for another hour without saying a word, instictively knowing what each other is thinking and wanting. I can't wait for another service call to come in for this residence, knowing exactly which plumbing to check next time.

OutgoingMale4 53M
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2/2/2006 1:35 pm

I'm sure alot would jump at the opportunity to do additional services on their calls. BTW, how's your plumbing? Thanks for checking out my blog.

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