First 24 Hours on AFF  

Otroatom 42M
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9/26/2005 7:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

First 24 Hours on AFF

I just got here last night after passing by Fleshbot to check out the kinky goings on. I think it was a nip slip article with an AdultFriendFinder ad that got me to come here. I've been using the internet since 1993, and only now I'm I really appreciating how much it can help someone deal with the world and their lives.

Over the years that 'net has become a lot more inter-active, and now that I have H, here's a chance for me to try to help others deal with it. This thing can really take the wind out of you when it hits or you end up wasting a lot of energy internally just keeping yourself going. I have a ton of things to do, but mornings are a waste for me. Unbelievable how not having someone to be intimate with can stop you in your tracks. More so because I live in a city with mass transit and see scores of incredible women at all times of the day, all week; so close but yet so far. And even when there's more than a hint of a woman being interested, there's this bit of news that I have to share.

Well, here's to the other folks with HSV on AdultFriendFinder. Seems a few other members have an H thread going, but I decided to start my own partly because the search feature won't look in profile text. Instead, you have to search in Blogs which does look at entry text word by word.

Lastly, you'll notice that my posts and pictures will be non-sexual. To be right up front, I want some, but as is I have to be real and consider my situation. It affects me physically and emotionally and without taking care if those two, sex won't solve anything.


dicegrrl 39F

9/27/2005 12:45 am

Good luck in your search! I know exactly what you mean about waking up alone. There are more of us out there, keep going!

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