WET SLAP and other inappropriate conversations ...  

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12/8/2005 1:45 am

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WET SLAP and other inappropriate conversations ...

Moist is the word of choice. Sticky and almost sickly
sweet, meals ready to eat - no need to reheat. The
flavor is best savored over a slow pace. There is no
room for a hasty charge. This is the stalking shadow
that follows its prey, only to swallow it whole. Your
swollen mound pouts at me. Your body taunts me with it

warmth. I ride the surface of your smoothness,
caressing and accounting for each inch of your form.
Let me explore and expose the warm folds that a hold
secrets untold. I hold you closer than close - provoke
you with a stroke. My tongue lash elicits a gasp from
you. Its wrath is wrot against nerves and curves. Your
passion fruit served as an hors'dourve - a true
delicacy for my refined palate. I skate a balance
between torment and tantalization, building your
sexual frustration to a climactic sensation - then
HALT. I retreat till my mark left is the soft hot
pulsating breaths that project from my mouth. It
scorches the object of your desire, intensifying a
deep longing that rages to be filled. Spread for me -
give me a heroes welcome. Usher me into your inner
sanctum. Claw, grip and draw with frantic passion. The
wet slap of skins moistened with sweat is a sound not
easy to forget. The melodic "THWAP" is punctuated by
cries and sighs. I am driven by a raunchy lullaby that
compels me to drive long and deep into your furnace.
I buck into you with a momentum and fury that seems
like attempt to return to the womb. I inhale, drawing
your spirit energy into the head of my cock -
channeling your wanton lust. My divining wand seeks
the source of your eternal spring. You bathe me in
your juices. They run like rivulets down the shaft of
my cock and collect as shimmering pools at the hilt. I
am consumed by you as I thrust headlong. My hands grip
your hips to assist in the pummeling. I cant remove my
eyes from the gestures you body makes under the
pressure - overcome by pleasure - when our flesh comes
together. We weave limbs till we become an undulating
knot of skin. You make me hate you for feeling this
weak - feeling this compelled. My entire body is
tingling as we rock, clash and collapse into each
other. With each wet slap I lose myself, folding my
very being into you. Bodily borders become blurred as
we merge. We become a verb: FUCK.

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