PART 2 of 3 Boxing Day ...The Saga Continues  

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PART 2 of 3 Boxing Day ...The Saga Continues

Curious and I have an amazing carnal hunger for each other. It is almost animal at times. When we spend time together we can usually get in as much as 8 hrs of raw, pure, decadent sex over a 12 -14 hr hotel stay. And so on that note let this Boxing Day story continue

So there we are together, in the very same room as before. God, the sexual tension from the trip up and our little road side pit stop was killing me. I wanted Curious so damn bad and right now. Obviously she felt the same because before the door had even closed…before we were even completely inside she stopped …turned around and grabbed a hold of me, pressing her lips hard against mine. I had to walk her backwards the rest of the way in. As soon as the door was closed I pushed her backwards against the wall, holding her by her wrists I stretched her arms out and held her there. Kissing her deep and hard, licking and sucking her neck, softly biting her on the side of it.

Lowering my hands to her waist I began to remove her shirt, it was lovely, low cut, white and sleeveless. As I pulled it up, her arms came together over her head and before the shirt was entirely off I wrapped it around her wrists, binding her with her own clothes.
I now spun her around to face the wall, with her arms out stretched and bound above her head I began to kiss the back of her neck and work my way down her back. She has beautiful form a magnificent body. As I work my way down I slid my hands around her waist so I can undo her pants and remove them slowly as I lick and kiss her warm soft body. As her pants reach her ankles she steps out of them and with a little flick of the leg they are laying on the floor beside us. Once the pants are gone she slightly parts her legs to allow me to easily slide my hand between them. She is wearing a very nice, very shear, very black pair of panties. Curious has the most beautiful ass; she works hard on it at the gym and is worth every lunge she takes.
Now, with legs slightly parted, my hand rubbing her soft, warm, moist, clean shaven pussy, I tug her panties to the side so I may lick and kiss the work of art she takes so much pride in. I love to lick, touch and play with that ass and she loves the way I pay so much attention to it.
Her pussy is so wet now, she pushes her self back against my face as I lick her and play with her. I slid two fingers now deep inside her and begin to finger her. I lay one finger over the other so the print area of 1 is on the nail of the other. As work my fingers in and out I twist them inside her a few degrees so that my other fingers can rub her clit. She is pushing herself hard against me now and rocking her ass back and forth.
I stand and begin to undo my pants, removing them and dropping them to the floor beside Curious’s. My cock is hard and free as I am wearing no underwear. The head of my cock is hot, my balls aching to fuck her. I slid my cock in her pussy from behind and push it deep and hard inside her. Fucking her hard and forceful with deep short strokes. I slid a finger in her ass now two. She is so horny, so vocal telling me to fuck her harder, faster, deeper. Fuck me in the ass she says, in the ass, Fuck me hard. I take my cock out of her sweet wet pussy a slide it deep into her ass, burying it totally inside her. God it feels so damn good. Her ass is so sweet, so tight, so warm and inviting. She pushes hard back against me. I grab her by the hair with one hand and one of her awesome tits in the other.
Fucking her in the ass I play with her nipples twisting them gently and nibbling the back of her neck as my hand is clenched in her gorgeous blonde hair. Fuck me, the tension left over from the pit stop combined with the events so far has me ready to explode and explode I do, sending a nice warm flow inside her wonderful ass.

After having an awesome release for myself, it just wouldn’t be right not to finish Curious off. She loves the way I lick her pussy and finger her clit. She also has the most exciting little toy, a vibrating egg that is oh so magical to play with. I pick her up and carry her over the bed where I lay her down and begin licking her and fingering her. She has a wonderful sweet spot inside her I have found, and when you curl your fingers just right and work them in a scratching motion just drives her insane, accompany that with a tongue on her clit and the egg inside her and it makes for very very awesome cum for her. I truly enjoy exploiting the treasure spot I have found and Curious is very happy I that I do. She has the greatest orgasms I have ever heard. I love the way she bucks and squirms. The way she moans and whales as she cums explosively. Her pussy is so wet, and when she is done I lick her and tease her sensitive clit with my tongue.

This story of Boxing Day is far from over. There will be more posted soon, and then of course there was New Years Eve. Where she drove up to meet me and I had her out to my work place. I am so glad to have a place to tell the tale of Oskar and Curious’s Adventures. We are now on AdultFriendFinder as a couple so that we may search out and explore new territory together our Profile is 2plus1issofun check us out, keep coming back, and there will be many many more stories to cum.

Thanx for stopping by, see you again soon

Oskar & Curious

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