My First Curious  

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2/3/2006 6:24 am

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My First Curious

Well I guess its time for me to add something to this wonderful blog that Oskar has kept up so lovingly and creatively.
I will start with our last visit that took place Jan 13th. I had the pleasure of being able to spend three days with Oskar and what a wonderful time it was!
On the drive to my weekend stay I of course could not keep my hands off of him and sat close so I could kiss him while he drove. Well we were both so horny that it was just a matter of moments down the road that I had his pants pulls down and was sucking and licking his nice hard cock while he drove. I was so turned on that I needed to feel his fingers in my pussy so I quickly took my pants off and kneeling on the truck seat continued sucking his cock while he rubbed my clit and fingered my wet throbbing pussy.
God how I love to feel his fingers in me. I stopped sucking his cock and lay back on the seat with my head against the passenger side door, legs spread rubbing my clit while Oskar fingered my pussy…oh how I wanted to feel his tongue on my clit. I was aching for it. But there was not time for that as we were fast approaching our destination. We quickly dressed and were on our way.
As we entered our room there was no time to spare, we were on each other as soon as the door was closed and the curtains drawn. My favorite toys were laid out for our use…. my vibrator and the vibrating egg. Kissing and groping each other we quickly undressed, Oskar knelt down in front of me and starting licking my pussy, gently inserting a finger and finger fucking me. I lay back on the bed as Oskar continued to lick my clit, he then reached for the vibrating egg and turning it on to its fullest strength inserted it into my wet waiting pussy. The egg humming and vibrating in me he then reached for the vibrator and inserted it into my pussy too, what a wonderful feeling my pussy filled up with two humming and vibrating toys. He tells me to roll over and get on my knees so he can thrust his hard cock into my tight ass. I am so full and tight and his cock is so hard that I ache in both pleasure and pain. His cock thrusting into my ass deeper and deeper, as I thrust the vibrator in and out of my pussy, I am so wet, so turned on. Oskar reaches over and grabs me by the neck and sits me up so I am now sitting on his lap with his cock deep inside me, and the two vibrating toys in my pussy, he continues to choke me gently, which I just love, and this combination of being choked and fucked at the same time sends me into sexual ecstasy. I can feel Oskar getting close to cumming too, he pushes me back down on all fours and grabs my hips thrusting his cock deeper and faster into my ass, and I hear him groan as he blows his hot load into my ass. I too can feel my orgasm building and as he cums and I thrust the vibrator deeper into my pussy, burying it to the hilt. I gasp and groan as I cum my body jerking, my pussy spasoming.
We lay on the bed, our energy spent for the time being….we had packed a lot of juice and water with us as we somehow always end up parched and needing snacks and fluids between our sexual frenzies.

We spent sometime after just chatting and hanging out while we played with each other from time to time. After about ½ hr we were both pretty ready to go again. My pants were still off and all I was wearing was a black T shirt. Oskar began rubbing my pussy again until I was once more wet and eager for his Ridged cock to be buried deep inside me. His laptop was running and the Web cam was on, so with a quick click of the mouse we were now recording our play on to his laptop.
Oscar turned the cam so it would record us as he bent me over the arm of the couch. He then began licking and tonguing my eager ass as he fingered my hot aching pussy. It must have been very arousing for him to be recording our little session. We have been together several times but never, ever have I felt nor seen his cock so hard. It was an amazing thrilling sight and even more exhilarating to feel it slipped inside my pussy. God his cock felt amazing…so hard , so hot. His thick hard cock plunging deep inside me, filling my pussy. His finger inside my ass while he stroked his cock inside me.

I could feel the warmth of lube as he spread it abundantly on my ass and slipped another finger inside me, at that point I was filled with anticipation, knowing what was to come next. His hard cock thrusting inside my ass and without delay Oskar began to fuck me up my well lubricant ass and finger my well deserving pussy with his fingers. I peeked my head around so I could watch it all unfolding on the screen of the laptop, it was erotic, exciting and very arousing to be able to watch myself being fuck royally real time as the cam continued to roll. After a short time Oskar removed his fingers from my extremely wet anxious pussy. I could hear the hum of a vibrator, and then feel it as he worked it inside me. His hard cock now pounding me in the ass as he worked the Vibrator deep and forceful inside my pussy. He reached around and clutched me by the throat, to be held like that is such a turn on for me and Oskar knows it. With all of this I came with amazingly hard. My ass and pussy quivered. I could feel Oskar unloading a very large deposit of cum inside my ass. It was a warm and erotic feeling. As he pulled his now Semi hard cock from my ass we once again made our way to the bed room and lay down in each others arms. Parched and Exhausted but very very fulfilled and satisfied………….For now

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