I guess I'll start at the beginning (Continued)  

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12/13/2005 1:20 am

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I guess I'll start at the beginning (Continued)

Well I had to quit writing and take a break for abit..I was going to just add to my last post and continue the story but I figured that continuing it this way was the best.

Anyways...anyone reading this has to realize that this is not bullshit.This little meeting between myself and Curious started at 8 pm and ended at 9:30 am. During that coarse of time we were at each other form 8 till 1:30 and then from 6 am till 9:30, we got in 8 hrs of totally uncontrolled...uninhibited..unfucking real sex.The women really knows how to enjoy herself and how to show a fellow a good time. But I guess I should get back to the story.

So after our nice shower and of course a blow job in the shower we get out and start fooling around again. I had brought a very nice ..long ...silky black scarf with me. Perfect for use as a blindfold. With just enough left to wrap around her neck. Seems Curious likes to be choked a little bit..(Mmmmm Kinky Eh). So with scarf in hand I do exactly that..blindfold her and wrap it around her neck.

With her now kneeling in front of me blindfold I put my cock in her mouth...holding the scarf firmly and hold her head to guide her as she slides up and down the length of my cock ..Sucking and stroking it between her lips...I pull it out and pat it against her teasing her with my dick. She flickers her tongue and moves her head to try to get at my cock again, so once more I let her have it between her soft lips. I spank her tiny ass and finger her from behind as she glides up and down my shaft. I feel the need for my cock inside her again so I pull myself out of her mouth and get behind her doggy style still holding the scarf. I slid my hard cock into her totally wet pussy and start slowly stroking it deep into her pussy as I do, I insert a finger into her ass...fingering her ass with 1 finger for a bit then 2 again..Her ass is nice and ready for so cock now so I bury my cock inside it...God I love her ass, it feels so good. The vibrator is still laying on the bed so I turn it on and shove it deep inside her pussy....I fuck her deep in her ass while I use the Vibe on her pussy...you can her start to moan immediately...hear her breath quick and shallow...tell me how much she likes it between breaths. I start fucking her faster...harder ..Deeper with both my cock and the vibe...the harder I fuck her the more she likes it. Cramming my cock so hard inside her my pelvis hits her in the ass with a hard slap. I push her head down hard against the pillow and she raises her ass higher in the air so I can get in a little deeper...God the noise coming out of her the moaning the groaning...such a fucking turn on. "Oh God " she says over and over again as though it is the only 2 words she knows. You can feel her ass tighten up as she cums ...squeezing my cock...I blow a stream of warm cum deep inside her ass.

Again we find ourselves laying there together gathering our strength to continue. Curious is gently rubbing my chest..Playing with my nipples lightly kissing and sucking on them. She bites me once..It feels good and I say so. She bits me again on the other nipple...a little harder this time as she squeezes my balls...She can tell I liked that to. Soon she is all over me chewing on my neck..Biting nibbling and sucking my nipples. Cramming her tongue in my ear and biting and pulling my ear lobes between her teeth...Fuck I love it rough like this. She has found my secret. Now it turns into a festival of subtle pain. The two of us biting and chewing on each other. I hold her by the throat firmly but not to hard, biting her and sucking hard on her neck...her tits..Her ears. Digging her finger nails in my legs and back Curious starts to claw me and scratch me.....Sliding down my torso biting sucking and licking her way down to my cock she takes it in her mouth and sucks in hard..Sqeezing my balls and pulling at my sack. She reaches over for some lube and greases up my ass ...sliding her finger in she starts to finger my ass while she is sucking my cock...Its rough. Its great....it’s amazingly fucking awesome.

By now its time to get some rest, I have to be at the work sight for Noon and I really need some rest, also Curious has along drive home in the morning. So we lay down together naked in each others arms and fall asleep.

I had set the Alarm clock for 6:15 so we would have some time together before going our separate ways. As soon as I wake up I feel her warm body next to me..Her warm ass up against my cock..My arm is over her. I reach down and start to play with her clit, I can feel her ass wiggle against my dick...She rolls over and kisses me. We cuddle kiss hold each other and play with each other for awhile. I slide my fingers in her pussy with my thumb pressed firmly against her clit and rub it as I finger her sweet wet pussy again. I rub her and finger her till she cums again.

Now we sit and chat a bit reliving the experiences of the night. Talk about things that we would like for next time and how fucking great it was to spend that much time together. We go off for a shower and to get freshened up for the day.

I start packing up the room while Curious does her hair, her make up and gets herself ready for her long trip home.

She comes out of the bathroom looking totally great..(She turns me on just looking at her...dressed or not)
I need 1 last piece of her before we leave each other. So I kiss her and start rubbing her thru her jeans unzip her pants, pull them to her knees and start eating and licking that sweet pussy again. She is now lying back on the bed enjoying all of what my tongue can do for her. I stop, undo my pants and pull them off as I climb on the bed to straddle her so she can suck my cock 1 last time. I love the way she sucks my dick, God its awesome..I can feel myself getting ready to cum 1 last time and what could be better than Cumming on Curiouses face. So I pull myself out of her mouth and stroke myself to the finish letting it go all over her face. My cum dripping down her cheeks and across her chin. Watching her lick the cum up and swallow it down, I put my dick back in her mouth so she can suck and lick the cum off the head of my dick.

What an amazing time..We agree before departing that we will have to get together again soon, and we will...and when we do I will sit down and write about it. So that others can enjoy it and we can come back to AdultFriendFinder and read it to re-live it over in our minds

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