I guess I'll begin at the beginning  

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12/12/2005 2:46 pm

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I guess I'll begin at the beginning

So Curious and I had set a date...a time and a place. I left my home at the pre-arranged time to make the trip to a town about 4 hrs away from mine on my way back to work. There I had set up a hotel room for the night. I usually always leave for work in the afternoon of the day before I need to be there , its just something I have always done so that I do not raise any suspicions.

About an hour away from home I stopped at a town to pick up a bottle of Rye (Wisers..a nice Canadian Whisky)and while I am in the store getting my Rye I see Curious's car pull up thru the store window...I see her get out and head into the store..So I quickly scurry to the door to meet her , it turns out she had the same idea. I pay for the alchohol and we go out to the parking lot. Right away we start in on each other...kissing touching...groaping each other.God I wanted to fuck her right there on the hood of her car, but we stopped got in our vehicals and continued on to our destination.

We arrive ..I get out of my truck and check in to the hotel with Curious close behind. Over to the elevator we go and up to the room. Again my heart was pounding fast and furious...I was so horny and aching with anticipation of the evening to come.

As sooon as we entered the room it was on...the door was instantly closed behind us and our clothes were falling off before the latched clicked. Curios is striping off her top and jeans...I'm tearing away at my clothes .....I grab her she grabs me...now we are tearing off each others clothes..Down goes my jeans with Curious right behind them, immediatly sucking and stroking my hard throbbing cock. God I love the way she does that..sucking hard and taking it all in to the back of her throat...squeezing my balls and stroking my dick.
I can't wait any longer..I put my hands under her arm pits and stand her up....picking her off the floor she wraps her legs around me while I carry her to the bed. I drop her down onthe end of the bed and roll her back so her ass is in the air and I can bury my face in that awesome pussy of hers.Damn she is so tasty

I lick her pussy and finger fuck that hot hot box of hers...licking her ass...sucking her clit...play with her tits and twist her nipples..We spend a good hour just playing with each other ...sucking and licking...probing and touching. Curious had brought a Vibrating egg and a dildo with her. I slid the egg in her pussy and 2 fingers along with it....Now with the egg inside her along with my fingers I start to play with her ass...First 1 finger in...then 2...Mmmmm her ass is so sweet...alittle more lube...now the dildo..gently...gently abit at a time...alittle twist back and forth...alittle more and now some more...working the dildo into her ass.

Now with the dildo in her ass , I start to work it in and out fucking her with the dildo vibrating inside her...the egg vibrating inside her pussy along with my fingers fucking her and probing her. I need my cock in her bad now...real bad.
Curious had been playing with her tits while I was playing with the rest of her. I take her hand and move it under her ass so she can control the vib in her ass..I then remove my fingers from her wet throbbing pussy and replace them with some very stiff...very hard, hot cock.

I shove my cock in her...oh christ the sensation is sensational...awesome. The egg vibrating in her pussy...the dildo vibrating in her ass..my cock stroking back and forth deep inside her pussy...the heat..the wetness...Christ what a feeling. I couldn't have gotten in more than about 20 good hard strokes and I could feel myself ready to cum already. I quickly had to remove my dick so I could get up close to her face to finish up. So now with the head of my cock on her chin I stroke myself to the finish sending a stream of warm cum onto Curiouses face and neck..Her tongue thrashing to get whatever she can...she grabs me by the cock and smothers it with her lips ...sucking and squeezing every drop she can out of my cock...licking the head and flicking her tongue over the end...I have never had my dick suck the way she does it...The woman is so good at everything she does.

Now there we are...both of us laying beside and half ontop of each other tired and worn...this shit has been going on now for about 2 hrs...just sucking and fucking...play and probing..sweaty and tired we decide to have a shower.

I'll continue this later and get it updated as I go...there is so much more to tell...I just don't have enough time right now, And needed to get some of this up on the blog

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