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10/16/2005 1:40 pm

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Lessons learned by a Newbie(blog Ornsby309)

I've touched on this in my recent post under the thread "the First Casualty of the October 15th party." And I will, instead of creating havoc in the group, refer people who are interested to visit my blog. I will start by saying that my objective as always is to help others. In order to further this goal I must be honest: I got my lunch handed to me socially at the October 15th St. Louis group AdultFriendFinder party. Last night I was plenty mad about the whole scene-- as anyone else might be who planned their schedule around such an event. But, after some reflection, I'm starting to gather my wits about me and regroup. The reasons I had a bad time are as follows.

1. I assumed things about the other people I shouldn't have. This being that they would be accomodating to someone they'd never seen before. Mistake. People are people and usually don't venture outside their comfort zone and take risks. Understandable. We've all, when we were little, put our hand on the stove when it was lit and got burned.

2. I had a different objective than the other folks. I was merely going there to put faces to names and maybe have a few laughs. Upon observation of the party goers, my intuition kicked in and made me realize that most everyone else was there for a hardcore hook up. I also gather that others there had been with each other before. In the future, I'll know my peer group a little better. This would explain the reason why people weren't all that social to me since they thought I was trying to hook up as well; and they don't trist with just anyone.

3. Conclusion. I think everyone else, based on my impression of them, would have had the same result if they did what I set out to do-- which was go lightly into a heavy duty swinger scene as an outsider and knock on the door. My meager exposure to Hollywood as an aspiring screenwriter should have instructed me otherwise. In a nutshell. Newbies, if you are interested in these parties and want to maximize your experience, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Email as many folks as possible and get to know them online prior to the next party. Also, the same old addage rings true, lay your cards out on the table, so people know what your wanting. Then, maybe they can advise you on how to act or whether or not this is the right atmosphere for you. And another thing, plan on doing some drinking when you are there. It will help you to be less nervous. hope this makes sense and is readable. If not sorry Isuck when it comes to proof reading emails and other writing you have to do in these little boxes.


P.S. My apologies to the blond in the argyle sweater. I was staring because I was trying to figure out if you were someone else I was hoping to say hi to.

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