Orleansdude 52M
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6/13/2006 6:43 am

I sit her looking over the new people on AdultFriendFinder and I see her listed in their profile. They are a married couple looking for some adventure. I read all of the good stuff and I am blessed that they have decided to post some nice pictures of her and him in a long deep kiss. She is what makes me sign in every day, to see just someone like her. He is a very lucky man the have her by his side. I dream about meeting them at a nice dinner, we talk, laugh and inch closer to the topic of sex. He tells me that he is straight three times so I assure him that I have no interest in him but I am looking forward to pleasing his partner. She smiles and taps his hand in reassurance that it will be great and he can watch as I treat her to a great night.
We move towards the elevators to go to my room I have rented, a large suite with a view. Not that we will be looking out the window. We slip into the room and the reality of what we are doing inches in also. I move to touch her hand and smile at him to settle his nerves. By the night’s end she is asking when we can do this again, he is smiling also because she came over in the middle of the night and gave him the best BJ ever in his life. We agree to meet the following week and talk of new adventures.

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