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I thought that I would post somethings that come out of this skull of mine. Make of it what ou wish it be entertaining like my story that may never find an ending to mind opening.

Have fun it's all that I ask

Reverence is attitude of honouring life.
You would harm nothing, if you were reverent to life.
Reverence is not respect.
Respect is a judgment.
Qualities that are admired by one culture may not be admired by another.
Evolution of man is through thought, energy, and body. Not through comfort.
Don’t act a surten way cause of your sex race or religion.
Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you have to follow the code of the “typical” average girl.
Just because everyone says you look like a lemming doesn’t mean you need to act like one.
To get rid of something you need to know why it is there and then you need to know why that reason was chosen.
If you’re mad, you need to know the reason. If you’re mad cause someone hurt you in someway, you need to know what drove them to hurt you like that.
Something that was needed to be done yesterday doesn’t always to be done today.
Sometime ago we needed to hunt and kill to survive; today we need to have a good paying job.
Question: Why do we have weapons?

A group (2 or more) of people do something dangerous because a member does it, and no one is stopping because they think the others would think less of them.
Why don’t they just stop? Everyone is doing it cause the person beside them does it.
Make sure you know why something is done.
Then make sure that reason is still valide.

Qu’est-ce que tu fais quand tu te sens seul? Quand tu peux pas trouver quelqu’un qui pense comme toi.

The one thing that makes me different, makes it difficult for me to interact with other people. It would only be easy if I could change the way I think, and be like everyone else. The thing is that, because I think like this I can’t change my way of thinking.

Fear, often the cause of trouble. Fear is a barrier with many levels. And it is our goal to bring down this barrier, level by level.

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