The Joy for Us  

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1/1/2006 4:31 am

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The Joy for Us

There is no other woman for me than Shiela! I know she feels the same about me. What we have together has never been matched in any relationship either of us has had before. We are both so committed to each other and so dedicated to each others pleasures in such unselfish ways - it makes my head turn! So why are we looking for threesomes? Because we each love turning the other one on - to exite and titillate each other and bring the highest and most exhilarating pleasure to one another. I know its nearly every man's fantasy to have two women in bed together but here strangely enough our desire for another woman isn't about fulfilling my fantasy or my desire. Its about us wanting to be able to give of ourselves to another woman for her pleasure and ours. This is such a turn on for both of us that we feel compelled by it and both of us feel the need to add this dimension to our sex life. Shiela is so warm, loving, sexy and giving that I am filled with intense joy and awesome pleasure just being with her. The addition of a woman to our bed can only intensify the pleasures we both receive and allow us to give the greatest of pleasures to another woman as well - thats the turn on - both of us making love with this woman for her enjoyment. Treating her as a lover and as a best friend.

rm_nice_wet4u 77M/58F
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1/1/2006 4:19 pm

Even reading about it turns me on !!

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