Musings about my lover  

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12/21/2005 8:54 am

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Musings about my lover

We are a May/September couple. She's 47 and I am 66. We are both so totally amazed at the strength and intesity of our love. I am overwhelmed to be loved by such a woman and I am thrilled every moment of the day by her. She is the love of my life, truly the woman I have spent a life time to find. I never knew what it was I truly wanted in a loving relationship althought I thought I did. I even thought I was the happiest and most content guy on earth, till she came into my life!

With her I am so very happy and am very much a completed man. I have told her many tines how I had this vacuum inside that was shaped in such a way that it could only be filled by her. I love her so and to be loved by her is the sustaining thing in my life. My entire existance never really began until we met! Life can never ever be the same for me again. The truly awesome thing is that she loves me in exactly the same way!

We enjoy awesomely thrilling, mind blowing, sensual overloading sex every time we do it. We've become one in mind, soul, and body. Our passion and, yes, our lust for each other knows no bounderies. Our dedication to one anothers pleasure has lead us to seek even higher and wilder experiences culminating in a search for another woman to join us for threesomes. This is something we earnestly desire for each other.

We want to find a female who can become our closest and best friend in and out of bed. It is our avowed purpose for us to seek in every way to provide her with the extreem pleasure and passionate sex we now enjoy with each other. We want her to be totally free to seek what ever she wants with and with out us but, we also want to be a source for her to obtain and realize her wildest, most kinky, most lustful fantasies to be fulfilled.

We have no reservations and withold nothing from each other and will always want that kind of a realtionship with whomever joins us.

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