Finding the right one  

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12/25/2005 4:15 am

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Finding the right one

Being so new here we were not sure what/who would we find. We have at least been excited to find one woman with whom we are about to meet. AdultFriendFinder is of course first and foremost a sex site - but we also want to find good friends as well. We are not interested in fucking every willing woman at the drop of a hat. But rather we feel a little like (almost like) its a search for a partner. In a sense something a bit more than a friend with benefits. But we also would not want her to feel we have/are putting srings on our relationship. This may be hard to explain and maybe even harder for the reader to understand, but we want her to feel loved and cared for by us. That she is as much a part of our relationship as she can possibly be. We want to make love with her as a couple and to fulfill her every want, need, desire and fantasy ins-so-far-as that is possible. We sure want to feel that she cares for us equally and considers us an important part of her life. Again we do not mean this in a controlling way but in a true relationship that is loving and careing.

We know that this is a high ideal and of course like any relationship of this type may require making a lot of wondeful acquaintances till we find her. We also realists and know that this is a lot to want from a three way relationship and that we may never achieve it. We would be interested in anyones comments about this. Please feel free to post your thoughts.

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