A Reflection  

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1/6/2006 8:05 am

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A Reflection

I am sure this is not anything new here and that its happened before but to us this is still fantastic.

We have a totally awesome relationship with each other. We met on the Internet (it was NOT and Adult site, nor a dating site)as we both belonged to the same Yahoo group. It was like a magnetic attraction to each other with out either of us explicitly flirting with each other. (technically flirting and the like are not allowed on that site). We finally exchanged emails and began sharing more or less romantic but not sexual thoughts. Of course this graduated to chatting on IM where our sexual desires where shared. Finally, she pursued me until I caught her and we agreed to meet - in a parking lot!

It was like being a teenager again!! Our kissing quickly led to me finger fucking her! God her response was beyond the wildest thing I have ever even dreamed of! She whispered in my ear "I want you to fuck me!" And of course we set a date for our first totally private meeting!! All I can say is that the sex between us is most fantastic anyone could possibly imagine. But we were and are also deeply in love with each other - we have become one with each other in every possible sense of those words. That was well over a year ago - the honey moon IS NOT OVER for us, because it gets better for us in every way, when ever we are together. Neither of us have ever experienced any thing like it before. We are welded together for life and we are planning on an eternal love for each other and a perpetual dedication to one another's pleasure! I love her so much and she loves me beyond measure. We give definition to what a Soul Mate is, with out a doubt!

Oralcharms 77M/58F
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1/9/2006 7:14 pm

mzhunyhole. . . . we are indeed very lucky and very happy. We have challenges to overcome but our love and our great joy will prevail.

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