The second man. (New Years Continues)  

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1/16/2006 7:31 am

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The second man. (New Years Continues)

As I wrote before Gary was the first of three guys over the two day period of time of New Years Eve and day.

Wayne was the second to call me, I asked him how long he had been on the sight. He responded, "Four days." (And already getting propositioned.) His only concern was leaving by 8:00 pm to be at work by 9:00. Well even if he had to work New Years Eve he was going to work with a smile on his face. Wayne works in a hospital monitoring heart care patients.

He arrived and I opened the door, infront of me stood a petit man standing 5'5" OK maybe he was a little taller but he was a small guy. He was wearing jeans with an oversized Hawaiin print shirt hanging out.

At 32 y-o he was 70% grey, don't get me wrong he was still cute. He was wearing glasses and was a little nerdy looking but there was a good looking man below that superficial surface. You know, you've seen the movie where a cute guy is dressed up like a nerd and then someone takes off his glasses, musses up his hair then he becomes this hot stud. That is how I saw Wayne, he just needed to get his hair mussed up. (Yes I intended "mussed" not "messed" there is a difference. Mussed is free form within boundries, messed is a punk-rocker with bed head.)

I sat in my recliner, he sat on the couch nearest me. We talked, I talked to get him to relax. I thought he was going to pass out, he looked like he was taking shallow breaths and about to hyperventilate. He wasn't giving me any indications to move forward or not, so I asked him if he still wanted a blow job. He said ok.

We proceeded to the bedroom and he stood next to the bed and didn't move, so I did. I dropped down on my knees and started to unbuckle his pants, unbuttoned his waistband and unzipped his jeans. I could see he was wearing tight bikini briefs and I started to rub my hand over the outline of his cock. He started to come to attention and he assisted me by removing his jeans when I began to tug on the sides of his pants. They slipped off and he sat on the bed with his oversized bright print shrit still on.

I pulled off his underware and moved in closer to my mark. He smelled great, he was clean and fresh and was wearing a nice cologne. I let him know if was appreciated. His cock was proportionate to his body, petite but not too small, and he became rock hard. I started to lick his shaft and nibble on his balls before taking his head into my mouth. I used my tongue to tease him and went down to the hilt on him. I slid up and down on him, milking his cock with my mouth. NOTHING!!! Not one moan, groan, "oh suck it!" No deap breaths, no shallow breaths. Was this guy alive? I went down to his balls and started sucking them, gently pulling them into my mouth. I moved down to his ass and started tongueing his crack. He was so clean, I wanted to bury my face in him and rim his ass. I started getting hard myself and began to think about how nice it would be to penetrate his sweet ass with my cock. I continued to lick, suck, and stroke him. Still nothing.

I pulled out my "fail safe" toy. A jelly sleave for mastribation. (If you've read some of my other tales, this is a must have item.) I lubed it up and lubed his cock. I slipped it on him and began stroking and went back to licking his crack at the same time. After a few minutes and not hearing a peep, I asked him, "Are you enjoying this? You haven't said anythng." He said, "I already came!" . . .

You did? Why didn't you say anyting?

He was so repressed, was sex that shameful growing up? Did you masterbate in silence afraid someone would walk in if they heard a sound? Did you share a room and had to be carefull not to wake your brother?

I told him, you have got to break out of your shell; you need to verbalize. You need to vocalize maon and groan. You need to communicate what feels good and what doesn't. Just let go. He got dressed and we sat on the couch and talked for a while longer. There was a cute guy and he needed some serious sex coaching.

Just an F.Y.I. he called me, I confessed that I wanted to do more to him than just blow him and he wants to see me again. Lets see if he has something to say when he's ridding my cock.

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1/16/2006 9:04 am

Nice I like your story.....Or is that true. Your expression is quite good. Is that photograph really yours??

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