Little Guy, Big Dick  

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12/14/2005 5:48 pm

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Little Guy, Big Dick

Of course I'm not going to use real names or even the AdultFriendFinder handle of the guys I'm having sex with. I may want to suck them off again.

If you read my previous blog you know my Monday night guy didn't show. I ended up working late Tuesday and my intuition was telling me to leave on time because Mike might show up. Well he did and I wasn't there. But he called from his cell and left me a message saying he dropped by.

He did call a little later too. I have never talked about sex in the same tone and matter of fact the way you would about your car to your auto mechanic. "So what do you do? Give head? Deep throat? Do you swallow? Rim jobs? Do you like getting fucked? Can I drop by Wednesday for service? I don't suck but can I play with your dick?" Yes, I try, only when taken by surprize, maybe if your really clean, no, sure why not, if you want to.

It's Wednesday (today) I leave work, I take the tollway because it's the fastest way home. I figure I can get home, shower fast cleaning my dick and crotch really well. I get out dry off, brush my teeth. Put on some AXE Body Spray. I comb my hair, put on a great pair of jeans and a bright red shirt. I even soaked my hands in warm water so they get warm. (When I get nervous or stressed the circulation in my hand slows down and they become ice cold.)

I hear some noise, dry my hands and Mike knocks on the door. I greet him at the door, not bad, kinda cute, wispy moustache. He's a small guy 5'6"? Thin legs, cute butt. As he walks by I can tell he smoked, I could smell it on his clothes. He asked me where I wanted him? I said if you want to go the bedroom, you can lie down.

Previously I lit 3 candles, enough so I can see everything well but put me in the best lighting possible. He takes off his shoes, starts peeling off his jeans and underware. He was already hard, his stiff dick waving in the air. He left his shirt on and laid down on the edge of the bed. I didn't remove anything, if he wanted to play with me, he'd either unzip me or ask me to show him my dick. He didn't, and that was fine with me.

He had a good sized cock with a slight bend in it. I wrapped my hand around his pecker and started to lick and go down on him. Thank god his dick didn't smell funky. So I started going down on him further and further until his dick was going down my throat and I was at the base of his cock. Then the waft of butt crack smell came up to my nose.

(I interupt this story to say, guys! Whether your straight, gay, bi-sexual, bi-curious, etc. If you want a great blow job and you liked to get rimmed. Honey you've got to smell good. That means if you haven't arrived clean, excuse yourself, use the bathroom and freshen up. Don't be embarrassed to ask for a washcloth and some soap if not next to the sink. Trust me, do this for me and the rest of us guys and gals that give head.)

I had wanted to suck on his balls but due to the smell I only cupped them with my hand. I stroked his big cock with my mouth and with in the time it took you to get to this point of the story, he tells me he's going to cum. Thank you for telling me. So many guys don't say anything until it's too late. But because he told me I wanted him to shoot in my mouth so I could determin if I wanted to swallow or not. I suck and bobbed up and down on that pecker and he came. His cum was nice and I chose to swallow leaving some to slick his dick. I wanted to play with the head of his cock while he was still sensitive to drive him to new heights.

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and spit out the lingering cum. I wet a washcloth and handed it to him along with a towel.

He cleaned up and as fast as he arrived he was dressed and heading for the door. He says, "My wife won't do that, that's why I got to get it from somewhere else. Well I have your number, can I call you and do this again?" I said sure. And if he does. Next time I'll make it part of the ritual to wipe him down first and clean him up. I think we will both enjoy it more.

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