Friday Foreplay  

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9/9/2005 1:01 pm

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Friday Foreplay

How does one get more readers on this site? Just wondering. Here is your art of the day:

From the short story, "How To Become A Writer" by Lorrie Moore

" Quit classes. Quit jobs. Cash in old savings bonds. Now you have time like warts in your hands. Slowly copy all of your friends' addresses into a new address book.

Vacuum. Chew cough drops. Keep a folder full of fragments:
An eyelid darkening sideways
World as conspiracy
Possible plot? A woman gets on a bus
Suppose you threw a love affair and no one came

At home drink a lot of coffee. At Howard Johnson's order the cole slaw. Consider how ti looks like the soggy confetti of a map: where you've been, where you're going -- You Are Here says a red star on the back of the menu.

Occasionally a date with a face blank as a sheet of paper asks you whether writers often become discouraged. Say that sometimes they do and sometimes they do. Say it's a lot like having polio.

"Interesting," smiles your date, and then he looks down at his arm hairs and starts to smooth them, all, always, in the same direction.

Lorrie Moore nails it exactly, doesn't she? How come so many people in here resemble her date? Please, some keen minds....

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