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7/12/2005 7:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


just me again, nothing too exciting.

Started up rehersals for a new play here in Lansing, if ya wanna know more about it, you know how to find me.

One thing that does suck is that from the first of the month until about the 5th or 6th, I was down with strep throat. (how you catch strep in July is beyond me). Anyways, abot the same time I was getting better, my boy caught it from me and now he's down for the count.
Our 'friend' Rennie (who didn't catch it, thank god) has worked from the 30th of June till this coming Saturday straight w/o a day off.
In essance, I've not been fucked since last month. And I've not been with a girl since the weekend of the roast.

This sucks!

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