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11/3/2005 12:26 pm

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i am yummy

Helloooo everyone
I've been using this web sit for a while now but I am still learning its many features. I am a standard member, I wont pay for this or any other dating site, i think its immoral, I'm allowed to be closed minded like that because its my search for love and hotties.

I'm into construction, so I've got an immaculate body in mint shape, I dont smoke, I used to, but I quit last month, I feel much healthier, and my pma is up.

I don't like this rainy weather whatesoever, I dont like the cold, I do like the snow however, just not cold wet rain, unless thats what im goin for, then il make sure im buck naked as well.
I can't wait for summer, I met lotsa cool people from out of town, Cant wait to see them again. And swim, and climb, and bbq, I just cant wait.

So what am I doing here again? Aside from rambling on and on, I'm actually here to meet a
Sexy, Smart, Healthy, Clean, Responsible, Upbeat Local cutie girl, Like i mentioned earlier, I'm into construction, I find it really hard meeting girls in this line of work, Aside from the bosses daughts, there are no girls, and she's no fun cause she doesnt want me to lose my job.

What am I not here for?
-Well I'm not into young girls, 18 or younger please dont message me for anything.
-I'm into older however, but...45+ dont message me.
-I will NOT do anal sex, I will not lick your ass, or even stick a finger or innanimate object in it, I think bum's are gross.
-I will not do a ThreeSome, I dont wanna see another guys dong in any view of a sexy female, nor can he watch, thats gross in my books too, nor am i actively looking for a threesome with 2 girls, I've had a threesome before, they are extremely fun, but I really have to know both girls well, and I can only find that in true friends. so i am not here for a threesome.

I am however here for;
-A discreet night of Clean, Responsible, Experimental SEX, I've got an average sized cock, its 7ish inches hard, i think it gets bigger when im being teased, I love to eat pussy, i cant get enough, I have only ever had condom sex, If i could find a special girl, that shares my responsible qualities, I might have a whole new kinda fun.
-I could really use a teacher as well, someone 30+
I think girls that age are totally sexyfine, and i know i could learn alot.

So, If youd like to get to know me, drop me A line, we can trade phone numbers, but im not here for e-mail games, i need a real girl, in real time, to play with my real cock, (her tits dont have to be real)

hahaha Born and raised in nanaimo, but conceived in australia, I've got a little auzzie in me, Want an auzzie in you?

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