OmegaDick69 30M
105 posts
9/1/2006 8:30 pm

so i've been thinking i mean i've been here for two years and have not really met any one from adult friend finders. I wish i could find a good older woman... i really am so sick of dealign with women my age cause they alwasy wanna play so many games and i don't have tim*e for games.... but then again this sight is kinda debasing... i mena for the guys any how.... i mean women have there pick of pretty much any guy they want so it esesentailly turns into a preeing contest into hopes that a woman will pick them now thats all fine adn well for more guys who have jobs and cars and stuff. Eh i don't know mabye i am just easly discouraged bu t sheese its really geting to be a pain in the ass i wish i coudl meet actual women in here lol

Ah wel i will figure out somethign mabye i will get lucky and some lady will decide to come to the younge side lol

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