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8/17/2006 10:57 pm
story i wrote

My Vision fuzzed as i regined conscience. I heard faint voices in the background as i came to.

Throguh the darkness came a sultry yet commanding voice of a woman "Don't kill him...Tourture him first find out what he knows." I coul dhear her turn away and walk off

"Yes General" Came the gruff voice of what was probaly a grunt. I heard a huge metal door close as my eyes finnaly focused on where i was. It was a jail cell or better yet an interrigation chamber. THe man in front of me was in a military outfit. I reconized the outfit. Black jacket and black pants Red trimmings. It was the Monarchy. I let my head hang for a second fiegning unconsciencous. I had run into this army before. I used to be part of it at one time. I was second in command or so i thought. Iwas easyly replaced in fact one could say i was used. Half my squad betrayed me only those sloyal to me stayed with me and we all ran before we were killed. But that hardly mattered now. As the soldier walked towards me i could smell teh rancid smell of blood and death from teh other cells. The light flickered as the gaurd aproached me. The strike was quick as i left him left hook across my chin. Ha what a weakling. I spit minor blood out of my mouth as i looked at him with a glare of death.

"In about 5 seconds i'm going to get out of this chair and kill you" As i spoke i was slowly undoing the rioe on my hands. Ha what amatures using such easy rope. The soldier grinned at me as he came in for another right hook. Before he got all teh way up to me the bonds were undone. I ducked as he threw his punch and cum up under him with an upercut. The soldier grunted as he went down to teh floor. As i stood and looked around i noticed no alarms had been sounded. That ment no sentries outside. Before teh soldier could get back up i grabed his head and snapped his neck. I supouse next time he will earn to listen when some one tell shim they are goign to kill him. I stripped teh soldier of what ever firearms i could find. A desert eagle wit h2 clips was all he had and a combat knife. Simple enoguh and shoudl be mor ethan enoguh to get me out of here. I made way way to the door and listened. Other than the screams of other pow's i heard no one. I opened to door with my gun ready. The numbers on teh cells told me i was a couple floors down. Figures. As i cocked the gun i started to make my way up. As i traveresed the dakr dank hall ways i ran into minor resistance. It was odd it seemed as if no one was around. Every thign was goign smoothly untill i saw a cell name that made me stop. On it was the name slade. Only one person i've ever known with that name. The deadbolt clicked as i turned it adn creeked open the heaven metal door. Inside was a horrible sight. It was my former Team mate Slade. Beaten bruised battered cut split opne. every thing you can imagine must have happened to this man. His head twitched as i moved closer.

"Slade?! Can you hear me.. Slade?!?!?!" I checked his neck and saw a very faint pulse

"Commander? is that you?" He was weak and could barely speak from teh amount of blood lose.

"Yes i'm here soldier... what happened?" I tried to clean up some of his wounds.

He sputtered and coughed blood as he talked " The monarchy..... Captured.... all of us. S-s-she went looking for you. I didn't give you up though. Shes looking for the....the...headquarters... she" He coughed up more blood as he continued to speak. "She has the...whole..squad.... i'm...sorry..commander." As he stopped speaking i knew he was dead. I reached around his neck and took his dog tags i slid them into my own jacket. She was not going to get away with this. But if what he said was true all of my old squad was here. The half that was loyal to me then the monarchy turned agasint me. They had left with me and we ha d joined up with another army one that fought agasint the monarchy. I sighed heavily as i stood up. I left the chamber when i had a thought. I clicked a button behind my ear. Activator beacons came up Of all my squard mates. The dog tags of ym squad mates had been fited with a locator beacon just incase they ever get sparated. i guess now it comes in handy. As a Hud displayed in my vision to show 9 diffent beacons to show up. 7 for my sqaud mates and one for me plus the one for slades dog tags. All of the beacons seemed to not be stationary. except one... mabye one sone else made it out. I continued on my mission to escape and see if i can help any of my other squad mates. As i tavelved more i was still confused as to why there were no guards here. I found Omegas cell. He had been my Demonlitions expert. If somethign needed exploding he was the one who did it.. They had slit his throat after tourtureing him for hours. I took his dog tags and closed his eyes as i continue upward in teh facility. I learned i was 5 floors down and i now had 6 left to collect. As i found the stairs i foudn another gard standing at the top of them. I flicked out my combat knife as i made my way up teh stairs. As i neared teh top i swung my knife around in an arc at teh soldieres neck. All that was heard was a gurgle as the body slumped and the blood leaked out around my knife. I grabbed teh body and drugg it down the stairs sticking it into a cell and locking the door. I whiped my knife off adn re seathed it after stripping the soldier of his fire arms and ammo. I made my way back up the stairs as i slid the new weapon into my back. I checked the right and left of the stair way as i got back into the hall. I was close to one of the other beacons now. As i made my way down the halls i had all but ingored the screams from teh other cells. As i homed in on another signal i noticed that there was two near by from teh looks of it it was one in each cell. As i came up on them i heard sounds from one of the cells. Sounded liek a guard was still in there with one of them. I knocked on teh door and wait with my combat knife held read As the soldier opened the oor and looked out i grabed him adn spun him aroudn into a wall. I plunged the knife into his heart as i covered his mouth so his screams could not be heard. I lookd into his eyes as he died and i saw a reaction of pure fear. Good i am glad he feared me i wanted his last image to be death itself.. As i felt his body slump i pulled him into the cell that held my squad mate. As i walked in i saw that it was Jester. The funny man of our group. Always cracking jokes on a mision. We all pretended to hate it bu tits the only thing that kept us calm. As i aparached him i heard a gurgle of life.

"Jester are you alive can you hear me?" I check his body and found sevel deep cuts on him. His jacket was torn to shreds.

"Hey commander, Sorry i'm so dirty.... i didn't know there was going.... to be an inspection.." He smiled weakly at me as he spoke.

I couldn't help but chuckle " Still the god damn funny man Jester" I said as i tried to untie him.

"Leave me.... I'm only going to slow you down...... The cuts are to deep i will bleed out soon..... All i ask... Is that you finish me before i bleed out..." He coughed and sputtered out.

I sighed wiht a heavey heart. " If that is what you wish my friend." i flicked out the combat knife and shoved it through the back of his head. Killing him instnatly. I felt as hi sblood driped out over my hand. I whiped it off as i grabbed his dog tags and left the room proceeding into the one adjacent to it. In it i found my commrade Thor. He was already dead. He had been something else. Always had an itchy trigger finger. Being the youngest of our squad he was constanly in trouble alwasy trying to shot every eon and figure things out later. I grabbed his dog tags and headed out of the room. From teh positions on my Hud i could tell there were no more beacons on this level. As i continued down the halls i encountered no more resistance on the 4th and 3rd floors. The second floor held 3 more beacons Luckly all three happen to be in the same room. As i traveled up i stoped and watched as a group of gaurds came out of them room.

"Ha that ought to teach thoses bastards." One of the gaurds said as he dead bolted the door.

"Yeah now with the entire squad captured we can move on te hhead quarters and erase every thing" Spoke another.

A timid aprently younge gaurd spoke nervously " What is with this head quarders why does teh general want to find it so bad?"

I could hear the athourity in a veterns voice "To finnaly destroy the last part of the resistance, The squad we captured used to be the top soldieres in teh monarchy untill they revolted and almost killed the general. she wants to erase every trace of them so she can move on the rest of the world with out hinderance."

The rest of there banter trailed off as they alked away from the cell that held my men. As i unlocked and opened the cell The sight was horrible they had all been stripped and slashed to to near death and then left to bleed. As i collected the dog tags from teh bile of clothing i saw that they had been Death, Stih, and Tiger. Death my most trusted man my second in command, Sith my sniper and he was good at what he did and tiger. My special ops person. If somethign needed to be infiltrated he did it. As i turned to leave i heard a voice.

"Commander is that you?"I heard from one of my men as i turned i saw that My closest friend.... Death was still alive some what.

"Yes my friend i am here" I went over and whispered to him

"Be...carefull...of ...tweaker....they...Did something to his mind.... made him ... join up.... with his old band.... Be...ware" As his final breath was taken and he died. I hung my head as my rage built to a boiling point. My entire team save for one memeber was dead and these bastards were trygin to make a move on my deadquarters. I gathered up my gear and ran towards top side. I was fed up with this... She and ever one else was going to pay. As i ran up the stairs of the finall level i made it to the first level or topside. As i looked aroun di saw a high tech lab. The Lab was barren there was no one there. As i charged out side a gun shot stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Hello there old friend!" The voice was familair but definetly male... " I see you found your old mates, Like what i've done with them" I ducked and rolled by a near by barrier before anothe rshot rang out. With shooting like that that had to be Echo. One of the monarchy's best snipers. Even sith had admired him but then again sith had been trained by him. I Sat for a second when i heard the his of a rocket launcher firing. Moving quickly i jumped to another barrier as a sniper shot landed right behind me.

" OH i hope you don't mind Old friend. But i've Brought the kinetic bros back together. You remeber tweaker don't you?" As he spoke another rocket shot out headed for where i was. Great he had some how turned my old comrade tweaker agasint me. Experct wiht any thign that shoots explosives. Perfect at anti personel stuff. This was not going to be pretty. i had to think of somethign and i had to think of it fast..........................

I had to think quick as i jumped from barrier to barrier. There was no reason echo should ahv emissed me this many times.... Unless he was meaning to miss. He was toying with me, he wanted to watch me jump around as my former squad mate tried to kill me. As another rocket shot at me i dived under a military truck. Not exactly teh best place to be. I searched what ground i could see and what walls i coudl see. Knowing echo would be up on the walls. Being a sniper he always was high up. I saw feet in teh distance traveling between identicle barries on the oposite side of the compound. That Had to be tweaker. The movments were to eratic. Always a mover he was. Couldn't stand still to save his life. I checked my ammo supply. Two desert egals and 4 clips... against who knows ho wmany sniper rounds and a rocket launcher. I cuckled to my self, And here i thought this was gonna be hard. My laugh was cut short as another burst from teh rocket caught my attention. I scurried out form under the truck as it blew up and spread shrapnel ever where. I couldnt; keep this up for long so i needed to end this quickky. Luckly i coudl see his motions throguh teh hud display. I check it realy wuick as i hid behind a take. Once again a shot rang out right where my head would ahve been had he been able to see it. So the bastard thought he could toy with me... thats fine i had something for his ass. I waited and listened to teh rustling on the ground. No more rocket shots came which surprised me. As i check my Hud i saw that tweaker was actually headed toward me. If i knew him he was tired of playing around and planned on blasting me at point blank.

"Tweaker!" I yelled as i saw his signal progress towards me.

"Yes Commander?" Was his answer . It sounded strained as if he was fighting something.

"Why are you fighting me?" I pulled out one of my desert eagles as his signal stopped moving

"They used.... nanites on me.... i can't... resist....Your going to have to kill me.... Or...i'm Going to kill you..." He strained out. I heard the cock of an automatic weapon in the distance. I sigheed heavily as i thoguht about the implications... I didn't want to admit it but i knew he was right. Every thign was silent as i heard the wind rustle up dust. I sat there and watched my Hud for any movement. The anticipation was horrible. I felt a sweat trickle down my brow. I didn't want to kill my last squad mate but i had no choice. I checked the clip one last time and clicked it back into place. I decide the direct aproach would be the quickest. As i rolled out from behind my hidding place no sniper shot rang out. It figured Echo was gonna let us duel it out. As i jumped up to my feet i saw Tweaker. He looked sickly even for him. His arm nervously twitched. I coudl tell he was having an eternal battle inside. As we stood and look at each other i looked the gun in his hand. Great, An automatic pistol. More capacity than my desert eagle. But it would only take a couple shots. As i went to bring my gun up his hand was faster as bullest speared towards me. I ran to the left and he followed me laying down a hot stream of bullets. I had only 12 shots and i decided to make them count. As i neared on of the barriers i turned and fired while leaping over it. I watched as he lept to the side. As i hit the ground har i rulled up agasint teh barrier as a couple more shots pelted the cement barrier i was behind. I couldn't let this drag out to much longer. Echo would get bored and start fireing. He wasn't know as a patient man. As i jumped back out from teh barrier i aimed using the Hud and squeezed off two more rounds. Tweaker jumped forwards and to the side As he rolled and ran up to me. I didn;t have time to react as he flicked out his combat knife and threw it at me. The onl ythin gi could do was reflect it with my gun. as it stuck into my gun i had to rull and run towards tweaker flickign out the knife of my own. Ah it seemed that tweaker was full of surpsies as he flicked out another knife. We clashed in the middle and devolved into close quarters combat. As out knives locked together i looked into his eyes. They burned with intensity yet i saw the sadness of the real tweaker behind them. As we both jumped back the ground lightly churned up as out boots dug into the ground. Tweaker hainvg quicker reactions lept towards me with lightning speed. I ducked under his swipe and caught him with a upercut in his stomache. As he fell back he He grabbed my arm adn flipped me to teh ground. I had to move fast i Entangled his legs in mine as i broguht him down to teh ground with me. Using the arm he and thrown me iwht i pulled it close and snapped it quickly. Tweaker howled with pain as you could audible hear his bone snap. I qwuickly rolled on top of him and brought my knife to his throat.

"DO IT COMMANDER.... KILL ME!!!!" He struggled in vain as he quickly shot his other arm up withthe knife to try and stab me. I caught his arm and pinned his hand wiht my other knif e. Pickking up his knife i quickly stabbed it into his heart. He looked satisfyed as i watched his life fade from him. I didn;t ahve time to think before a shot rang out almost dead on wher ei was sitting. I looked aroudn quickly and spotted tweakers rocket launcher.. I rolled quickly as more shots hit the ground behind me. Damn his semi automatic rifle. As i ran by it i scoooped up tweakers rocket launcher. Figures Chaser clase Hunter launcher. Figured . this woudl easly help me. The shots started getting close adn closer. As i turned i quickly homed in on Echos location. As the shot fired ou ti saw him get up adn move quickly.

"You think you can hit ME with a rocket launcher, I'm Insulted commander" I coudl hear him scurrying. I whiped out my other desert eagle as i watch him from from hi slocation. I took a second to aim before firing. As the rocket exploded in his old location i watched his lifeless corpse drop form the uper wall. I slowly made my way over with my gun held at the ready.. I kicked his body to make sure he was dead. Clean shot through teh side of teh head. I shook my head as i looked. It was a shame ..... he ha dbeen a trusted friend even before we enlisted yet he lead the betrayal against me and gave me up to teh general. As i pucked up his rifle i check his body for ammo. Perscision rifle half auto matic half sniper. This shoudl do nicely. As i slung The weapon across my body as i headed back acorss teh area and picked up the dog tags. I procedded to teh other side of teh compound as i thought..... My men could rest in peice now. Now i just neeeded to find tah tdamn general..........................

I had no idea where I was going. As I traversed the corridors, I
entered an open room. When I looked around I could see it was a
training complex. My footsteps echoed as I stepped on the cold metal
floor. It didn't look like anyone was around. As I made my way into
the center of the room, I came upon an arena. “Hmm, this must be where
they sparred”, I thought to myself. As I walked into the arena bright
lights flashed on. I shielded my eyes as I was momentarily blinded.

"So you made it past Echo and Tweaker…I'm impressed," came a voice
through the lights. It was the commander; there was no mistaking that
voice. "So you've broken free of my bonds, killed my guards, and now
are trying to kill me, are you?” She laughed, almost musically.

I looked around all that I could as my vision adjusted. " Well, it had
been on my to-do list, but I don't think you'd be here if you were
alone." As if to answer my question, the lights dimmed as a deep thud
came towards me. As I looked up I saw a mammoth of a man standing no
further than 4 feet from me. I sighed inwardly, “Great... a super
soldier; as I if wanted more obstacles.” I was tired of this. As the
lumbering hulk barreled towards me, I rolled to the side and flicked
out my knife. When he realized he missed, he turned to look at me. I
rolled up to him and uppercut the monster in his chin. The look on his
pale white face was one of surprise as his chin dripped with blood. My
combat knife handle was sticking out of the bottom of his chin. I could
tell I nicked his brain as he grabbed his head and screamed. As he
straightened up to his full 9-foot stature, I decided to finish this. I
ran up to the hulk, digging my boots into his chest. As I flipped into
the air I kicked the knife deeper into his head, causing the knife to
stick out the top of his head. As I completed my flip and landed on my
heels, I saw the super soldier fall back wards and land on the ground
with a thud. As I looked up, a shot whizzed by my head.

"YOU KILLED HIM!!!!" I heard shrieked from the darkness of the upper levels.

I chuckled momentarily "Yeah, that’s what I do, and you’re still as
horrible a shot as ever." As I looked up where the shot came from. I
saw the light of an open door and the clank of shoes quickly
retreating. I took chase immediately, grabbing my knife from the head
of the dead hulk. As I flicked it back in its sheath I hopped and leapt
my way up the stairs to the next level. I took off down the corridors.
I could see her vague form as I ran down the corridor after her. As I
rounded the corner, two soldiers were waiting for me. I whipped out my
gun, shot them both in the head, and kept running. I was tired of
distractions; I wanted to finish this. As I reached the end of the
corridor, I found myself on a walkway outside. On the other end of the
walkway was the General. I knew her as soon as I saw her. She wore a
red and black outfit, not quite military, but far from casual. As she
turned to face me she flicked out a wicked looking dagger.

"I'm going to kill you now like I should have done years ago!" she
screeched as I stopped running.

"Well, that makes two of us," I said. I looked at the blaze in her eye
as I spoke.

I flicked out my knife as I skidded to a halt. I knew she was pissed
off. I knew who I had just killed... her most beloved boy toy of all.
He was the one that had originally turned her against me, incidentally.
But that’s okay…he was dead, and now it was her turn. She came at me
quick and low with her knife. I dodged to the right as she made an
upward slash. Her strikes were quick and fierce and it took all my
reflexes to dodge them. She went to make a downward strike, and I
caught her arm and sliced her across her chest. As we both leapt back,
she glared at me.

"Ya know, at one point in time, this would have been foreplay for us,"
I chuckled. She charged in with a scream as she went for another
downward strike. This time, I decided to disarm her. As I grabbed her
knife arm, I twisted the knife out of her hand and kicked it away as I
pushed her back. As she stood there and glared, with intense hatred in
those green eyes, she cocked a grin.

"You think you've won? You think killing me will help you any? Right
now my army is marching on your head quarters, and they will destroy
every last bit of it." She seemed to know something that I didn't.

"And what makes you think that my headquarters won't be able to repel
your forces?" I didn't trust this. She was entirely too confident in
her abilities. I brought out my gun and aimed it at her head.
Something definitely wasn't right. "Even if my headquarters is
destroyed, at least I know your army will fall with out you. Goodbye,
General Dekay." I went to pull the trigger, and watched as a sword
pierced my chest. I turned to see the one person I had forgot from my
squad... Iderah.

"Hello lover," she spoke seductively, even as she pushed the sword deeper.

"You bitch!" I grunted out, as I turned and unloaded my clip into her.
The bullets of my gun quickly dismembered her pretty face. I heard
Dekay moving behind me, so I pulled the sword out and made a slice
towards her, catching her in the neck. She looked at me in surprise,
as the blood started pouring out from her fatal wound. She stared at me
intensely, until her eyes grew lifeless. In that moment, I saw all that
we had ever done, everything I had ever shared with her. It all faded
from my mind, as if it was pouring out of the wound in her neck.

Just as I remembered my own wound, soldiers came out of nowhere and
started firing. I would have to think about this later. I rolled off
the walkway down into the jungle surrounding the base as alarms of all
sort started going off. I fled deep into the jungle. I knew I wasn’t
going to make it. The wound was too deep and I was losing too much
blood. As if almost on cue, a radio contact on the emergency frequency
came across my HUD.

"We are being overrun...Return...base...immediately.... before...late…"
the transmission cut out. I figured they would have to fend for
themselves. As I continued running, I stumbled into a clearing. I had
thought it was nighttime but apparently I was wrong. I was bathed in
bright light. The jungle seemed to give way to grass and a single tree
in the middle of this clearing. The grass seemed cut and well taken
care of. The tree, though short, was filled with branches. The only
other thing in this clearing was a stream that ran near the edge of the
tree. I knew this tree but I couldn't remember from where. I ran to
it, but tripped and fell headlong into it. When I looked up I felt at
peace, as if the many years of war and death I had caused were washed
away. I felt almost child-like as I felt the smoothness of the tree. I
couldn’t readily identify it, but I felt as if I should know it. As my
blood still leaked out of me my mind began to grow hazy. I knew this
was the end. I couldn't run any more; I was going to die alone and in
the middle of the jungle. As my mind began to fuzz more and my vision
left me, I could see a woman walking towards me, long red hair and tall
in stature, pale as moonlight. She was probably there to kill me but I
didn't care any more. I closed my eyes and lay back against the tree. I
remember everything and yet forget it all just as soon. This had been
my tree; it had always been there for every thing. It was over now; I
knew it was, but it was ok. My final thoughts played though my mind;
my squad was dead. I had killed every one I knew and my HQ was
destroyed and all of them killed too…and now it was my turn. As I took
my final breath I laid my head back looking into the bright sky one
last time. and then.... I died...

A group of people stood around the hospital bed watching the doctor
impatiently. As the doctor stood up, he had a resigned look on his
face. He looked down on the man in the bed again. He looked up and
finally spoke to the people waiting in the room. "He’s in a completely
vegetative state... the final stages of the virus have entirely erased
his memory, and stopped his vital functions. Only these machines keep
him alive now."

An aging woman looked at the doctor in amazement. "Will he ever
recover?", she asked. The doctor merely shook his head. Without
waiting for anyone else’s reaction, the woman walked over and pulled
the plug on every machine she could find. The doctor looked in horror
as she did this.

"If any of you so much as think about plugging these back in, I will
kill you. My son wouldn't want to be on machines. He knew what he had
and waited for it patiently." The room was silent, save for the sound
of a continuous tone from one of the machines. As everyone turned to
leave, the man in the bed died...............

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